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Do you have to keep gauze in your mouth for bleeding after wisdom teeth are removed?

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It's better if you do. It will stop the bleeding sooner and help prevent a dry socket. A dry socket is VERY painful. Just use a small piece and fold it into a small square, put the square directly over the spot where the tooth was removed and bite down. Don't bite down to where you are making your muscles sore, but enough to hold the gauze in place. This should help with the "barf" part. It may also help to wet the guaze a bit before putting it in your mouth. Not a lot, just a little bit. And try to leave each piece in as long as you can. You want each piece of guaze to soak up as much blood as you can stand. You don't want to be able to wring it out when you remove it, but it should be "full." If you still can't stand it in your mouth, call your dentist. Another hint is to use tea bags instead of guaze. This may help because it will have some flavor.

2014-04-08 20:36:42
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Should you keep gauze in your mouth after getting your wisdom teeth removed while sleeping?

if they are bleeding, yes. if they aren't then, no.

When can you stop using gauze after getting wisdom teeth out?

After the bleeding stop usually after an hour or more depending on your mouth....

Is it safe to sleep with a gauze in your mouth after having teeth removed?

No. Its never safe to fall asleep with anything in your mouth unless under medical supervision. If the bleeding has not stopped by the time you need to go to bed, seek medical advice.

After the wisdom teeth are extracted how long should you bite down on the gauze?

Bite down on the gauze, changing it every 15-30 minutes, and when the gauze has just a pinkish tint to it (instead of the dark red blood you had been seeing), then the bleeding has slowed down enough to remove it. Just do not bend over, use a straw, or smoke a cigarette or the bleeding will flare back up. If you should happen to begin to bleed again, simply put some gauze back in your mouth. Try to relax until you have reached the point where the gauze can be removed. Hope this has helped! The bleeding should stop about 20 minutes after the surgery. Although is some cases, especially after complicated extractions, the gums can start bleeding again, and you can also wake up the next morning with some blood in your mouth. It is always handy to have extra coton gauzes with you. If you have none left, you can go to rite aid or daune reade to pick up cotton

Is it okay to smoke with gauze in your mouth after you have gotten your wisdom teeth pulled?

No it's not ok to smoke with gauze in your mouth. You should not smoke after a tooth extraction because you can have a higher chance of getting a dry socket which is very painful.

When should you remove gauze after tooth removal?

After tooth removal you should keep gauze in your mouth over the wound and apply gentle pressure until you have stopped bleeding. If bleeding continues for 36-48 hours contact your dentist/doctor.

Do you need to have your wisdom teeth removed if there is enough space in your mouth for them to come in?

No! I had room in my mouth for all of my wisdom teeth to come in. The bottom one's became impacted and hurt so i had them removed, but i still have my top one's and I'm not getting them removed!

Why do wisdom teeth have to be surgically removed?

Because of the way the human mouth has evolved, the wisdom teeth can't fit properly in there anymore.

What does oral surgeon pack socket with and stitch over after wisdom tooth removal?

I had some gauze packed in the side of my mouth when I woke up from the surgery (had all four removed) and disolvable stiches over the gaps where the teeth were. I didn't bled all that much from my teeth (although had a nose bleed from where the breathing tube was removed too quickly from my nose and ripped the skin inside! I took the gauze out after a day though.

Can you brush your teeth before getting you wisdom teeth removed?

Yep - they want a clean mouth to work with!

Does one usually acquire sores in their mouth previously to getting wisdom teeth removed?

They do if their teeth have impacted.

What do you need to know getting you wisdom teeth taken out?

After you shouldn't spit, drink out of straws, eat/drink acidic things. Keep a gauze in your mouth until the bleeding stops. Take pain medication as soon as you get home so that the pain wont be so bad when the numbness wears off.

Do wisdom teeth have to be pulled?

It's not necessary for you to get your wisdom teeth removed if they are correctly positioned in your mouth and do not cause any pain or dental problems. Visit

Do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Not normally, they are a natural part of the adult mouth, most people have them with no problems. However, if there is a problem with them then they may need to be removed.

Can you keep gauze in your mouth overnight?

yea i did

When do wisdom teeth come through?

Wisdom teeth begin to come in between the ages of 17 into the mid twenties. Many people must get their wisdom teeth removed due to lack of room in their mouth.

Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?

You will be under an anesthetic when you get your wisdom teeth removed, so no, it will not be painful when you are undergoing surgery. However, your mouth may be in pain after the surgery, so your doctor will prescribe you some powerful painkillers and you will be just fine.

Can wisdom teeth grow heathy?

Yes. If your mouth is big enough, like mine is, there is no need to remove the wisdom teeth. I know many people who have all of their wisdom teeth, or only had 1 or 2 removed.

Is it normal to not be able to open your mouth wide after wisdom tooth surgery?

yes. the swelling preventing your mouth to open is the first sign of healing and the inability to open your mouth is because of the location your wisdom tooth was removed. you will gradually return to normal signaling the ending of the healing process.

Is it good to put ice IN your mouth after your wisdom teeth have been removed to reduce swelling?

Yes, it also helps with pain.

What are the effects of removing a wisdom tooth?

I had my wisdom teath removed to help with the pain in my ears .(not that it helped) the aria around my mouth was a little swolen and my mouth felt dead but the next day it was better. All you have to do is eat alot of ice cream!! :-)

Should wisdom teeth be removed as soon as they come out?

Wisdom teeth should be something you should get out as soon as you can, otherwise it can lead to problems with your other teeth or mouth, unless your mouth is big enough to keep them in. Your dentist can tell you if you'll need them out.

Do you sleep with gauze in your mouth after a tooth extraction?

nope. You could choke. .. hopefully the bleeding has subsided by then. apply pressure and if you are still bleeding near bed time try pressing a most tea bag in the area. The acidity is supposed to help with clotting.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

Would steroids help to heal your mouth after having all four wisdom teeth removed?

Yes because the tonsils will suport that