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No, not at all...

Unless your country has a specific rule on homeschooling...

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Q: Do you have to let the public school know you are home schooling?
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What school did Elizabeth Gillies to?

Northern valley demerest. (i grew up with her)

How can parents help their preschooler?

If you mean in the subject of school, I would recommend homeschooling your preschooler (for now at least). Then, maybe by the time they are old enough to go to an elementary school, You can decide either to keep home schooling them or to send them to a public or private school. Also, if you have doubts about homeschooling your child, you should know that it does not make a college less likely to accept a home schooled student than a public or private schooled student. If you feel that your child could get a better education at home, then you should home school them.

How will I know if online home schooling is right for my daughter?

That is hard to say. If you feel that perhaps public school isn't the right fit for your daughter, i would first see her school guidance counselor and then perhaps you will have a better idea if online homeschooling is the way to go. Also talk to her about it and see how she feels about the idea. In most cases home schooling is a bood alternative for any child. With the exception of special needs children,home schooled students excel.

Does harry styels go to school?

No he has home school if you know what that means he's famous he doesint go to a public school are you crazy

What should I know before I decide on home schooling my children?

That they at least go through the appropriate state tests while you are conducting your home schooling session.

Is there a website I can go on to read more information on home schooling?

You can go and look for home schooling teaching material online so you know what kind of information you need to know and what curriculum to teach the kid.

Who can you contact about homeschooling?

If I am understanding your question correctly you are asking about whom to contact when or your intentions of home schooling. You must let the local school system in your area know that you will be home schooling you children at home. I would strongly urge you to have your home school curriculum in hand, a daily schedule (and a yearly schedule if possible accounting for 180 days of school) , and a record keeping system as proof that you are indeed capable of teaching your child at home. Do not go into the school office as a know it all or with a grudge to settle; but have a humble and firm attitude with confidence that you are able to teach your child. If you are not confident most schools will question your ability as a Parent to teach your child.

Where can I find different home schooling methods?

I receive many inquiries asking where to sign up for homeschools. Many people, as a last hope for their children, try to find a homeschool to send them to. The problem is that homeschooling is done by the parent at home. Although I believe it is important to protect homeschooling as we know it by keeping homeschools independent of the public school system.

About how much would home schooling a high school senior cost?

It depends on what kind of schooling you decide on I don't know where you live but in Ohio and Pennsylvania there is a Charter School called OHDELA (Ohio's School) and PDELA(Penn.'s School) They are completely free and provide you with a computer, and all the books and school supplies you child will need. The program is very easy to follow, as 60% of it is Internet and 40% is book work. Ever since I have started the program, I am getiiting WAY better grades than I ever did at Public School. I highly recommend homeschooling. The only thing you pay for is Internet access.

What do you call the opposite of homeschooling?

Most people just say school but that is not correct the scientific name is non home school or public school. But here's the catch when school started they did not go to school they stayed at home and the moms had to teach them so that is how they got the name home schooled but now you know the truth

Can you homeschool from kindergarten through grade 12?

I believe home schooling (make sure he/she is actually learning and not being lazy at home) would be more effective from kindergarten until he reaches middle school (put him in a charter school) because he/she will be more willing to study. Putting he/she in home schooling for a tremendous amount of time will probably make the child antisocial or intolerant towards people. I know what elementary and middle school can make a kid into unless you live in a nice neighborhood and environment.

What school does jack vigen go to?

I know his primary school Newport Public School