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Once you are pregnant, the test will come back positive no matter how long after your period you take it.

I think it depends on the individual. Some women gets a positive one later. It does matter how long you wait.

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Q: Do you have to take a pregnancy test within 6-10 days after your first missed period or can you take it a month later just to know for sure if you are pregnant?
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Can you have pregnancy symptoms before missed period?

absolutly, women have symptoms within days of conception even way before their missed period

How soon are pregnancy symptoms experienced?

Your first sign of pregnancy is typically your missed period. Symotoms, such as breast changes, begin to occur within the week of your missed period or it could eve be 1-2 weeks after the week of your missed period.

If your period has been missed but you would only be two weeks pregnant when should you test?

Many pregnancy tests can ascertain pregnancy within the first week. If you believe yourself to possibly be within the second week, you could take a pregnancy test now.

How soon can you do a test to see if am pregnant?

You should wait until you have missed your period before you take a pregnancy test. If it is negative and you still have not gotten your period within a week, take another test.

How long does it take to be pregnant before you can find out?

Within a day or so of the first missed day of your period. OTC eary pregnancy tests are affordable and very accurate.

I miss my period can i get chancees of pregnancy how to identify it?

If you have missed your period, there is a chance that you may be pregnant. Many pregnancy tests are available on the market that can detect pregnancy within a very short time of conception. They can be purchased at many general grocery stores and at a pharmacy. Follow the directions and you should know in a short time if you are pregnant.

How soon is a home pregnancy test accurate?

A pregnancy test can be positive before you even have missed a period. Many tests can provide positive results within 10 days after you become pregnant, however it is usually best to wait until you've missed a period because the HCG hormone (the hormone found in early pregnancy)will be stronger which in that case will give you definite results.

How early can you feel the symptoms of pregnancy after conception?

For me within the first 2 weeks... wayyy before my missed period

What are symptoms of pregnancy within the first four weeks?

you will no if your pregnant after 4 weeks by you have not come on your period

Does pregnancy symptoms starts within 40days?

Yes. Pregnancy symptoms start in 10 to 16 days after conception. Most women's first sign is a missed period.

What are signs of pregnancy within 2 weeks?

Vomiting and missed periods are the signs of pregnancy within 2 weeks.

Pregnancy test says not pregnant could you still be?

Possible if you took the test too early. I know the tests say you can tell within 5 days, but that isn't very accurate. Wait until you have missed your period and then do the test.

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