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no, u just have to verify your account which is free.

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Q: Do you have to upgrade to chat in AQW?
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Where is the upgrade shop in aqw?


Were do you enter your upgrade code from your card in AQW?

somewhere on the aqw home page lolz

Where the berserker armor in aqw?

Upgrade shop

AQW chat server and age problems?


How do you get a free upgrade on AQW?

There are no totally free upgrades.

How do you exit party chat on aqw?

Type /s in your chat box and push enter.

How do you chat in aqw?

you can vertify or become member that is all i no

Where can you get a bow in aqw?

type in the chat box /bow

Can you use a aq upgrade card for a aqw account?


How much points do you get for one upgrade card for AQW?


Aq how to upgrade?

You buy it on this page

How can you chat at aq worlds?

You can upgrade and you get to talk all you want and you can say anything and if you do not want to upgrade, you can use the canned chat.