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I don't think it makes any different from cup or hand

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โˆ™ 2012-10-22 20:41:22
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Q: Do you have to use the cup in throwing the dice in yahtzee?
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Does cluedo use a dice?

No, Cluedo does not use a dice.

How do you use loaded dice?

roll the dice!

When playing board games are you suppose to keep the dice on the actual board when rolling the dice?

It's nice to keep the dice visible, but may not be possible because of other items on the board. If you are concerned then you may want to use something else like a plate, the top of the game box to keep the dice constrained without messing up the game board or you could use a cup and mix the dice.

How do you use dice in a sentence?

The dice rolled across the table.

What is the use of the dice that come in poker chip sets?

Some poker games use dice

What is Dice coggers?

A dice cogger is a person who use to 'dice' people up in the Elizabethan times as a form of punishment, which resulted in death.

What are two sentences for the word dice?

You cannot use your own dice: they must be provided by the house. Dice the carrots and celery and add them to the hot oil.

What is a dice use for?

when you a playing a board game

Develop Math Concepts with Multiplication Games?

If you love the idea of picking out games that teach educational concepts, there are many math related options available. However, don't dismiss the opportunity to create multiplication games from classic games. You can use anything that includes numbers to promote multiplication. For example, Yahtzee dice can be used for multiplication purposes. After a turn of Yahtzee is played, offer bonus points if your child correctly multiplies the values of the dice. You can also explore multiplication concepts with Monopoly. Multiple house purchases are perfect examples as per house cost is multiplied by the number of houses purchased to determine the total cost.

What sort of dice do you use in warhammer 40k?

lots and lots of d6's (regular 6 sided dice) You can buy dice in blocks of 36 dice at many websites or local gaming stores.

You roll 2 dice You can use a Venn diagram to calculate the probability that the sum of the dice is a prime number?


What are Dice game?

Dice games are games that use or incorporate a die as their sole or central component, usually as a random device.

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