Do you humans and chimpanzees share 50 percent of their DNA sequences?

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The concluding result of the Chimpanzee and Human Genome project was that human locus contains approximately 150 thousand "additional" base pairs NOT found in chimpanzee chromosome 12 and 13, also known as 2A and 2B. A fusion event would not result in more informational DNA out of thin air, therefore a fusion event could not have occurred. There are millions of DNA differences between humans and chimpanzees, and with further analysis making it even more clear that we are not related. In the Y chromosome alone, chimps have only two-thirds as many distinct genes or gene families as humans. Also, more than 30% of the chimp Y chromosome lacks an align-able counterpart on the human Y chromosome and vice versa. Ironically the Genome project only demonstrated how much more different humans are to apes even down to the finite level of DNA.
DNA is essentially the basic and fundamental building blocks found in ALL life and ALL creatures share a large percent of DNA with each other on a base level. Since DNA codes for structures and biochemical molecules, we should expect the most similar creatures to have the most similar DNA. Apes and humans are both mammals, with similar shapes, so both have similar DNA.
An Evolutionist will proclaim that Humans share anywhere from 85-95% of an ape's DNA, but we also share 75% of our DNA with a dog and 50% with banana fruit. The Center for Advancement of Genomics and the Institute for Genomic Research analysis showed that for 75% of known human genes, lengths of DNA that provide the building instructions for proteins, there is an equivalent dog gene. A total of 18,473 of the known 24,567 human genes had a canine version.
The fundamental problem is that no Evolutionist can site a single example of a genetic mutation or evolutionary process that increases the the information in the genome. That in itself is an insurmountable show stopper against the very core of Evolution. The very sad part about dealing with Evolutionary converts is most of the time they are repetitively posting information that has long been dissolved; a DNA fusion event being one of them.
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How much DNA do humans share with bananas?

It's probably a fairly small proportion. According to evolutionarybiologist Robert May, President of Britain's Royal Society, "Weshare half our genes with the banana" (2001), but genes only makeup 2% of human DNA - the answer depends on what proportion of theremaining 98% is the same. Humans have 23 ( Full Answer )

What is DNA sequencing?

In simple terms, it's a process where they essentially "unzip" the genes of living things into their billions of chemical building blocks to determine the exact order of the chemicals. It's useful for finding inherited diseases, identifying family lineage, etc since certain illnesses and traits have ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do humans share with each other?

\n. \n99.9% is exactly the same. .1% gives each individual their own personal fingerprint. Meaning, only .1% codes for proteins that express our differences.

What percentage of DNA do humans and chimpanzees share?

One Perspective Although it has commonly been stated in the past that humans and chimpanzees have 98.5% DNA similarity, this figure has recently been found to be incorrect. Newer research has suggested that there is approximately 96% genetic similarity between Humans and chimpanzees overall. O ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do humans share with a whale?

We will not know the answer to this until the genomes of whale species are sequenced. However, given that whales and humans are mammals, they would be expected to share many similarities.

Is a chimpanzee a human?

No, we share a common ancestor. 99.9% of all biologists understand that the evidence provided byAnthropology, Archeology, DNA and Genetic Sequencing show without adoubt that humans and chimpanzees have diverged from a commonancestor. Although it has commonly been stated in the past that humans andc ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do humans share with cats?

Humans and cats have similar x and y chromosomes and have the sameancestor from the past. Cats and humans share 90 percent ofhomologous genes.

How much DNA Do humans share with cows?

Surprisingly, according to the related link below, domestic bovines (or the colloquial "cow") actually share 80% of genes with humans.

What vegetable shares DNA with humans?

All of them do, if you mean vegetables and humans have genes that are identical. While plants and humans are wildly different, every cell has to do specific things to survive, like metabolize sugar or repair damage to their own DNA. That is true for plant cells, human cells, bacterial cells, or a ( Full Answer )

What is a DNA sequence?

The term DNA sequencing refers to sequencing methods for determining the order of the nucleotide bases--- adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine--- in a molecule of DNA.

Explain why the human population is approximately 50 percent male and 50 percent female?

Human females have two X chromosomes (XX), while males have an X chromosome and a Y chromosome (XY). During meiosis, these chromosomes segregate into separate gametes. All female ova carry a single X chromosome, while in males, half the sperm carry an X chromosome and half carry a Y chromosome. When ( Full Answer )

What percentage of DNA do humans share with a dog?

I have heard several figures, but the most believable I've heard was 75% of our DNA being the same as that of a dog even though they have 78 chromosomes while we have 46. We share 50% of our DNA with bananas, same for fruit flies. 97% of our DNA is shared with Chimps.

What percentage of DNA do humans share with a cat?

Cats and humans share similar X and Y chromosomes, in fact the two species shared a common ancestor about 90 million years ago and share 90% of (homologous) genes with humans

How much DNA do humans share with a chimp?

It is commonly though to be 98%. However, recent studies have differing views. The BBC has published 95%, and Riken (a Japanese Lab) has published 85%. Please see the related links for the articles.

Are humans and chimpanzees 99 percent genetically identical?

In short, NO . Although it has commonly been stated in the past that humans and chimpanzees have 98.5% DNA similarity, this figure has recently been found to be incorrect. Newer research has suggested that there is approximately 96% genetic similarity between Humans and chimpanzees overall. ( Full Answer )

Types of DNA sequences in the human genome?

1- highly repetitive sequence : a- satellites b- mini-satellites c- micro-satellites 2- moderate repetitive sequence: a- coding b- non coding 3-non repetitive sequence

Are the DNA sequences of all human beings exactly alike?

The DNA sequence in all humans is NOT exactly alike! All DNA in humans have a double helix (spiral staircase) shape and A, T, C, and G bases. The sequences are totally not the same though. If they were, we would all look alike.

The high degree of similarity between chimpanzee and human DNA suggests that?

Humans and chimpanzees share 94% of the same DNA. By comparing certain genes of chimpanzees to those of humans, scientists can tell the approximate number of generations since humans and chimpanzees shared a common ancestor. It is believed that the ancestors of humans and chimpanzees diverged betwee ( Full Answer )

Is human DNA and chimpanzee DNA 98 per cent identical?

The commonly quoted number is 98.6% genetic relatedness. This is technically correct since our genes are nearly 99% identical. However, this number does not take into account gene duplication and the specific proteins produced by these similar genes. If these are accounted for, the number is more li ( Full Answer )

How has the use of DNA changed how scientists have viewed the relationships between chimpanzees gorillas and humans?

They have a clearer view of exactly what family tree apes have to one another and have discovered that previous studies that are based on aesthetics in fact were incorrect. What makes all primates related to each other has very little to do with physiology and what makes primates related is much mor ( Full Answer )

Is human DNA closer to chimpanzees or pigs?

Humans and chimpanzees share a much more recent common ancestor than humans and pigs. This results in humans sharing more of their genome with chimps than they do with pigs. Even though a human's genetic code is more like a chimp's than it is like a pig's, all eukaryotic organisms share a signifi ( Full Answer )

What percent of DNA does the human race share?

98% percent of EVERYONES DNA is shared. you share 98% with your mom, teacher, friend, cousin, it really doesn't matter. but 98% is shared amongst everyone.. The above answer is partially correct but only very generally speaking. We also share close to 98% of our DNA with chimps. The real difference ( Full Answer )

Could a large number of people share small sequences of DNA?

Yes, we all do to some degree. Any isolated group is going to carry a lot of the same DNA. Several years ago, I read an article that a study was done on the mitochondrial DNA that is passed down from the mother and according to that, we all come from 6 women in Africa. That was their conclusion.

How much DNA do humans share with nuts?

All living creatures on earth share some amount of DNA, including mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, sea sponges, bacteria, and viruses. Humans share much more DNA with mammals than any other creature. And we share more DNA with lizards than we do fish. This is because mammals split off from the mamma ( Full Answer )

Do bonobos share 90 percent of their DNA with humans?

Yes. I think the number is actually closer to 98% shared. Most of the differences between a bonobo and a human being are not so much that we have different genes (a lot of the 2% difference between bonobos and human genes is trivial) but rather we use the same set of genes differently. A rather crud ( Full Answer )

What percent of human genes are shared by two unrelated humans?

All humans share exactly the same genes. Genetic differences between humans do not stem from different individuals possessing different genes but rather different versions (alleles) of the same gene. The precise number of differences is largely dependent on which population you are discussing. Some ( Full Answer )

How much DNA do crows share with Humans?

To my knowledge, the crow genome has not been sufficiently analyzed for a definite answer. The process of complete genome analysis is time consuming and expensive, so scientists have been selecting organisms that are highly used in research for genome analysis. That said, the genome of the chicke ( Full Answer )

How much DNA does a human share with a potato?

Humans share very little with a potato. Chromosomes are acollection of DNA woven around protein. A chromosome may contain asmany as 100,000 to billions of nucleotides in one chain. Chimpanzeeand humans share a very SIMILAR DNA pattern, where as a potato anda human being don't. So although they both ( Full Answer )