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Do you love Naruto?


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this is a matter of opinion and should be placed in the forms



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he is secretly in love with hinata and sakura knows naruto is in love with her

No, Lee does not love Naruto, He loves Sakura.

she just said, "I love you Naruto"

Naruto's in love with Haruno Sakura.

Naruto doesn't love Hinata like she does to him because Naruto is still in love with Sakura. If, for some reason, Naruto doesn't love Sakura anymore then he might fall in love with Hinata.

No, Naruto falls in love with Sakura and Hinata falls for Kiba

Naruto doesn't need to, we know he loves Sakura, Sakura declares her love for Naruto and tells him that she no longer loves Sasuke anymore and that she truly loves Naruto, Naruto tells Sakura that she is lying and she really does not love him.

naruto love sakura naruto love sakura

It has not been confirmed whether or not Sakura will fall in love with Naruto. In one part of the series, she confesses her love for him. However, Naruto believes that she is lying to him.

As far as the series has gone so far, they have not yet fallen in love. Hinata has been in love with Naruto since the series began and she confessed her love for Naruto when he was fighting Pain.

Hinata loves Naruto... if that's what you mean.

yes. when she entered the academy, and finally saw naruto, she then fell in love with him.

They don't, Hinata loves Naruto, but Naruto loves Sakura.

Yes. As Naruto Shippuden progresses Sakura tells Naruto that she loves him to try and get him not to fight against Sasuke. At first she was lieing, but she later figured out that she really did love Naruto.

No one knows because in naruto shippuden she seems to like naruto but in naruto naruto she is madly in love with sasuke and there is also rock lee aka bushy brows who is also in love with sakura like naruto.

naruto is unable to fall in love because he is busy trying to save the world.

I personally LOVE NARUTO its the best show ever that's just my opinion i love it

No, Gaara does not love anyone of the Naruto girls (or guys for that matter).

No, Naruto is friends with Gaara but has a crush on Sakura. or i love naruto

yes!!!!!! naruto tells him in the second to last episode of naruto shippund oh!!!! they then kissed!!!!!!!

Naruto &gt;&gt; Sakura Hinate &gt;&gt; Naruto Sakura &gt;&gt; Sasuke That's basically it...

MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LOVE NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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