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You only need a cdl license while driving a box truck if the gross weight of the truck is 26,001 or more. Most uhaul rental boxes are able to be driven without a cdl.

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Q: Do you need a CDL license to drive a box truck?
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Do I need a CDL to operate a bucket truck?

Yes you do need a CDL License to drive a bucket truck.

Do I need a CDL license to become a truck driver?

Well that depends what kind of truck you want to drive. For huge eighteen wheelers you do need a CDL. You can take classes at your local community college for a CDL license.

Do you need a cdl license to drive a truck with air brakes in Arizona?


Are you required to have a special license or permit to drive a cement truck?

To drive a cement truck legally, you need a class B CDL (Commercial Drivers License). At 18, you can apply for a class B CDL.

Do I need to have a certain class on my license to drive a regular dump truck?

You would need a Class A CDL for Dump Truck. It's not as intense as more restrictive classes of CDL.

Truck license to drive a ford f650?

you do not need a cdl to drive a f650. but call your states dmv and check with them

Do you need to have a CDL license to get CDL driver car insurance?

Yes, you will need insurance to drive with a CDL license.

Is a CDL required to operate a pallet truck?

A CDL or comercial drivers license allows drivers to drive taxis, minibuses, lorries and trucks. This license includes pallet trucks and any driver wishing to drive a pallet truck must have a CDL.

Do you need a CDL license to drive a Lull?


How old do you have to be to drive a truck in US?

Eighteen and possess a CDL, Class A license

When applying for dump truck driving jobs do you need a CDL license?

Yes. In most cases you will need a CDL Class B license because of the weight of the truck. However, if you would be driving a semi with a dump trailer, you would need a CDL Class A license.

Can you drive a truck with a class D license?

For non-CDL licenses, classification varies by state... you'd need to specify your state so that we could determine what a Class D license in your state is, exactly, and what your state laws allow. You couldn't drive a truck requiring a CDL, I can tell you that much.