Do you need a comma after otherwise?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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you do not have to put the comma there

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Q: Do you need a comma after otherwise?
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What is the rule to use comma with the word otherwise?

When you park in front of a meter, put quarters in it. Otherwise, you may find you have a ticket when you return. This example uses the word otherwise and a comma correctly.

Do you put the comma before or after the word otherwise?


Should you put a comma after otherwise at the beginning of a sentence?


Does Dear Senator Little need a comma or a colon?

it needs a comma

Do you need a comma after including?


If you are saying thank you to someone do you use a comma?

Not usually : "Thank you for listening to me" does not need a comma. However, if you write their name afterward ("Thanks, Fred."), you need a comma after thank you.

Comma after as well as?

You do not need to use a comma after the sentence connector as well as. You simply need to join your sentences with as well as.

Do you need a comma if you start off a sentence In five years?

"In five years, things happened." Yes you do need a comma.

Do you always need a comma before where?

No. There is no word in English that always requires a comma before it.

Can you put comma after the word 'then'?

You can put a comma before or after just about any word if the sentence structure requires it. If the sentence structure does not require it, it may be permissable to use a comma to assist in clarity and avoid confusion. Otherwise, don't use a comma. Have I confused you yet? Using a comma does not depend on the word, it depends on the structure of the sentence.

When you start a sentence with the word but does it need a comma after it?

Not necessarily. The comma indicates a pause in speech. Use a comma after "but" only to indicate a noticeable pause in speech. If there is no pause, there should be no comma.

Do you always need a comma before or after but?