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You do not need a degree to take the MCAT, most premedical students take the MCAT their junior year before they graduate, however you do need a bachelors degree in something to be accepted into an American medical school

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Q: Do you need a degree to take the mcat?
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What does becoming a doctor involve?

To become a doctor, you need to: Graduate with a 4 year college degree Take the MCAT test. Graduate with a 4 year medical school degree. Take the Step series of tests Complete a residency program Take licensing exams

Do you have to take the mcat for nursing or a pa or chiropractor?

No the MCAT is only if you're applying to medical school. Therefore for nursing, PA and chiropractors don't need to sit for that exam.

What trianing do you need to become a pediatrician?

4 years in college for a bachelor's degree take the MCAT (a test to get into medical school) 4 years in medical school 3-5 years in residency/internships

What does it take to get into medical school with a master's degree in History?

You would need 8 Credits including labs in Biology, physics, general chemistry, and organinic chemistry. GPA range is around 3.5, with an MCAT of 30.

What are the educational requirements of a dermatologist?

i believe that you need about 12 years of college, a bachelors degree, take MCAT get into med-school graduate from there then you will have to complete a dermatology resindency about 4 years. a total of 12 years befor you can get some ca$h

Can you take mcat when you live in Indonesia?

no you can not. wierdo

What scores do you need in your mcat to go to vanderbilt?

Vanderbilt's average MCAT was an 11.7V. So roughly 35-36.

Do you have to go to college to take the MCAT and be accepted in to Med School?

yes .... a bachelor degree is necessary to be accepted into med school. however not sure if that is true for the m-cat

Do you have a drug problem if you take mcat every weekend?

Yes. The MCAT is a very long, tedious exam for medical school. You'd have to be "on drugs" to take it every weekend.

How long does mcat stay in your system?

Mcat or Meow stays in your system for 3-6 days depending on the amount you take.

Getting the Right MCAT Practice?

For anyone looking to move forward in their medical career, the MCAT is an absolutely essential test-- that cannot be stressed enough. Most of the questions on this test will be testing you on such high-level material that the idea of taking it before you're ready is nearly laughable. If you want to take this test and do a great job on it, then you will either need to be a perfect student or you will need to do some extensive MCAT practice. There are a lot of ways to get the MCAT practice that you need, but one of the best ways is to use a number of different resources. One of the best resources out there for getting your MCAT practice in has to be a practice MCAT. These are practice versions of the real MCAT that you'll be taking, and they are very useful for a few different reasons. While they are most obviously useful for allowing you to practice the types of questions that you'll find on the MCAT, they are also useful in getting you accustomed to actually taking the test. There is no doubt that showing up to take the MCAT is a stressful experience, and this can help you get more used to what it will be like on the day. Finding resources to get your MCAT practice in is thankfully not that difficult of a thing to do, with a number of great resources being widely available both online and in books. People that take the MCAT generally use both physical and online resources to get their MCAT practice in, since a multifaceted approach is absolutely the best one to take. By using the resources you find online and in books, you will be able to not only find practice MCAT tests, but you'll be able to find many other preparatory resources that you can use to your advantage. While the MCAT may be a stressful test, you can't let that stress get the better of you. The reality is that stressing out about a test like this will only make it more difficult for you to handle, and that stress can lead to you making mistakes that you wouldn't normally make. A simple regimen of preparation and focus will bring you to where you need to be to do well on this very important, very difficult test.

What sort of information do I need to know when looking to get a doctor degree?

Well, I know there is time period of 8 years of school for the degree. A test called the MCAT seem to be part of this as well and it has to be completed before going to school in order to be doctor.