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Do you need a license and insurance to ride a 230cc motocross bike in PA?

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on the street, yes. in dirt no. as long as you can control it safely. it's up to the legal guardian/parents.

2008-01-06 20:36:11
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In Maine are you supposed to have a driver's license to drive a dirt bike?

By dirt bike do you mean and enduro bike or a motocross bike or some other bike at all? For any bike except motocross bike you definitely need license, and for motocross bike you don't, because you can't ride it on the streets at all... You can only use it in motocross tracks and for that you need to have a special permit...

How old do you have to be to have a license for an off road Motocross bike?

You do not need a license to operate an off road bike.

Is a yz426f a trail bike or a motocross bike?

The YZ is a motocross bike, the trail or woods bike is a WR426.

What is the difference between a motocross bike and an off-road bike?

motocross bike is a off road bike

Is the cr250 motocross?

A cr250 is a motocross bike

How does motor bike insurance differ from regular insurance?

"In many ways, motorcycle, dirt bike, and motocross insurance is very similar to regular automobile insurance. The different insurance options that vary from region by region and market by market can offer coverage for injuries to the rider and others, damage to property, and damage to the bike and its parts."

Can you register your 110cc super pocket bike in CT?

Yes, if you have a MV Operators License, a motorcycle drivers license and liability insurance on the bike.

How can you become a motocross bike enthusiast?

Become enthusiastic about motocross bikes.

Can you ride a Motocross bike in the woods?

Yes, a motocross bike will have stiffer suspension and the gearbox isn't the best for the woods riding.

What is Motocross?

Motocross is a form of dirt bike racing that is held on a outdoor track.

How old is your motocross bike?


What kind of bike has won most motocross races?

a bmx bike

How much does a freestyle motocross bike weigh?

A free style motocross bike can be 50-150 lbs or 22.8-68.2kg, depending on size.

What bike do you have to get to race in motocross?

A fast one.

How do you go fast on a motocross bike?


What brand of motocross bike is the best?


What is best 65cc motocross bike?


What 125cc motocross bike is the best?


What is the largest cc dirt bike?

if u mean a motocross bike a 500

In Minnesota would a 110 cc super pocket bike be legal to drive without a license and or insurance?

No, you need to be over 16 and have a regular license then get your pocket bike registered for plates.

Is there such thing as a 90cc motocross bike?

yea but it's not a race bike it's a slow play bike

How do you get motorcycle insurance without a bike license?

You just have to pay more for it. There will be a point when they ask if you have your M1 or not.

How was Motocross invented?

Motocross was invented by edmann wilkison as a game to show off the dirt bike skills

What is the best brand of motocross bike?

obviously suzuki!!

What is a good starter motocross bike?

Honda CRF150R