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Do you need a license for a 49 cc scooter in Arizona?


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no you don't need license to ride 49 cc..

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With a suspended license in IN will I be able to drive a 49 cc scooter in AZ?

do i need a drivers lincene to drive a motor scooter 49 in California

Yes. You need a drivers license and insurance.

learners permit to use an motor or electric scooter

no you do not need a drivers liscense for a 49cc scooter;you cant register a 49 cc scooter so why would you have to have a liscense

You do need to license and register a 44cc gas motor scooter in New Mexico. To ride it, you need a valid driver's license of any class or permit.

Yes, you need a provisional motorcycle license and certificate of insurance at the very least to ride any scooter on a public road in the UK.

If the scooter goes above 30 mph, you need a motorcycle certification on your license. If it does not go above 30 mph, it is considered a moped, and you do not need a motorcycle certification. You still need a license, though.

According to the DMV booklet, no. If a scooter is under 100cc you do not need a licence.

Depends on where you live and what the traffic laws are for them. In California, USA, yes we do, we need an M1 Motorcycle license. As well as it being insured, but the license test is beyond easy with a 49cc bike.

if your D.L. is suspended can that person drive a skooter under 49 cc.

just bought a brand new scooter it is a 49 cc cycle do i need a license in illinois to ride it

First of all, we need more information to answer correctly. Where would you be driving it? Personally, I live in South Korea, and if your scooter is 49 1/2cc or less, you don't need a license or insurance. Anything over 50cc and you do.

A license is not required for riding a 49 cc scooter. However, it is a good idea for new rider to take a motorcycle course so they can learn how to maintain safety on the road.

yes if its not stolen then yes but only if there is a legal tag registration and insurance and not over 49cc

NO!! anything under 50cc you are not required to have a license partly true anything 49cc or smaller and does NOT exceed 34 mph if it s factory made (stamped) 50cc you do need register it & have a license. otherwise you can be cited and possibly be impounded for no registration/insurance

scooters are legal in arizona, some cities require a motorcycle endorsement to ride any scooter regardless of size. and some of them only require an endorsement for scooters over 49 cc

The Law states that if your license is suspended or revoked you can not opperate it however, ifyou have never been issued a license and your over 16 you can. If your license is no longer suspended and you havent had it reinstated i believe you can opperate a 49 c.c.

Gas bicycles 49 cc fl you need License and insurance

you also need an ilok with pro tools license on it

is it the law in portland oregon to wear a helmet on a 49 cc kids crotch rocket

Technically, you do need a Motorcycle license. But a lot of cops will believe that you do not need one. If you just drive normal and don't attract any attention, then you should be fine with out one.

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