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Do you need a license to be an astronomer?


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no dip Sherlock

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An astronomer need not have any particular need to observe any part of the sun's atmosphere.

The name of great Italian astronomer is Galileo. You need to read his biography. He is great as astronomer and brave soldier as well.

You need a medicinal license and a doctor's license.

i dont really know but i think its 8 years of education traing to be an astronomer

No, you do not need a license.

An astronomer.An astronomer.An astronomer.An astronomer.

yes they do need a certificate and license yes they do need a certificate and license

An astronomer is a scientist who studies the moons, planets, stars, nebulae, celestial objects as well as the galaxies.

Astronomer needs to take Math, Physics, science specifically (astronomy) and a little of chemistry.

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One does not have to be in a specific location to be an astronomer. However, travel may be required in order to conduct studies.

you do not need a license to purches a ham radio. you also can listen to chatter without a license. but if you want to talk you need a license.

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You need some advance math and physic skills.

if you want to become a astronomer you need to be very good in marths

Umm.... you actually don't need a license.

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