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It depends what you mean by the term 'ultralight' ! If you mean a scale model of a helicopter that you fly by remote control - no. If you mean a full-size helicopter you actually sit in to fly - yes.

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This depends on what country your in, In Australia, Yes, you do need a License, in Great Britain, Yes, the Ultralights/Microlights there are listed under their national register and therefore you need a license. In the United States, A true single seat ultralight requires no license to fly (assuming it meets the requirements of Part 103 for an ultralight aircraft). Any two seat "ultralight" or Light Sport type aircraft requires a Sport Pilot Certificate or higher to fly.

Yes (see website `National Microlight Association of Ireland' under `FAQ')

Yes. To fly a helicopter, you require a rotorcraft license in the US.

yes but you have to do a few things to get a pilot license first.

No, you need an actual gyro plane license. However, if you already posses a helicopter license, the gyrocopter license is considered an add-on, since they are both in the same category, being rotorcraft. This implies you will not be required to do another written exam. Of course you will need ground instruction, as well as flight time in the gyro before your actual checkride.

Flight training, mostly; you need a commercial helicopter pilot's license. The company you want to fly for will also have requirements that are, usually, higher than the FAA's.

air cadets get to fly at the age of 13

There is no age requirement for ultralights.

A plane, or even a helicopter, or even a hang-glider.

You can not fly a helicopter in gta 3, although you can fly a small plane called a "dodo". It can be accessed in Francis Airport. Be aware though that you need to have a certain technique to be able to fly it.

To fly the helicopter, you need to be on the Calm Before the Storm mission. The helicopter will make a second stop on a building in the Red Light District. You must find a bike and ride it up the stairs without killing anyone. When you are next to the helicopter, press the triangle button to get in the helicopter and fly it.

You don't need a degree, you need a license.

Yes, you need a licence to fly an aircraft.

You will need a pilots license, ID/passport to fly into Canada or Mexico.

How far can helicopter fly on a one tank of gas

Not a degree, but you do need relevant training and to have passed various examinations.

Yes, you need a license to fly any plane in any state in the US. California is no exception. You can find in-depth information at

Yes, you would. Spaceships are 'probably the hardest thing to fly'!

It depends on the type of helicopter and the manufacture

Depends on the purpose and make of the helicopter.

The first helicopter did not even fly. Click links below for more info!

A helicopter can only fly in an atmosphere, where there is something for the rotors to push against. There's no atmosphere on the moon, so a helicopter can't fly there.

in the psp version you can fly a helicopter using a cwcheat it will be on your garage but the problem is the helicopter fly up the helicopter do not drive backwards so the garage door will close so your stuck in tha garage

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