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In most places, no. Most governments and school districts do not require the parent to have any sort of license or degree to home educate their own children, however some places do require parents to have a legally recognized degree in education or teaching in order to educate their child at home.

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Yes, you need to be certified to teach homeschool. There are certain qualifications that you need to fulfil. A homeschool teacher must have a certified teaching license.

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Q: Do you need a license to homeschool your child?
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what is homeschool curriculum?

A homeschool curriculum is a structured educational plan designed for teaching children at home. Kid Advance Montessori offers a Montessori-based homeschool curriculum, focusing on hands-on learning, self-directed activity, and collaborative play, tailored to meet each child's individual needs and developmental pace.

How to homeschool a child easy.?

You can find very important info at You can also find a book at You will need to do portfolios, lessons and much others.

I feel that I need to urgently homeschool my child but my ex won't give consent?

You can hire an attorney to see if a judge will give you permission to home school your child.

Can I homeschool my child without having the qualifacations of a teacher. ?

Yes, you can homeschool your child. There are many books and lessons that will follow a similar pattern to what your child would learn in public school. A lot of homeschool curriculums can be done online with help from certified teachers. If you decide that you want to teach your child, you can find lesson plan and curriculums from your local library.

If you want to start your own child care job which licenses do you need?

If you are planning on having the child care center in your home, you will need a family child care license. If you are opening up a commercial location, you will need a different license.

Your dad is in prison can your child support check be taken away if you homeschool?


Can a school district deny your child an education at her homeschool?

Possibly, yes.

What do parents need to do to homeschool their children?

Homeschooling is regulated by the individual states. Google your state and "homeschool laws."

How do you spell homeschool?


Do I need homeschool software?

There is no need on any specific software to be a homeschool student. here are what you have to do to start homeschooling.

Can I legally homeschool my child in the state of New Hampshire?

You can homeschool in New Hampshire, but it's homeschool laws are considered among the strictest in the nation. Make sure you are familiar with all requirements before taking the next step.

What is the child learning style of homeschool?

Every child has their own learning style. The beauty of homeschool is that the child's education can be tailor-made to fit their personal learning style, rather than having to learn in the same way at the same pace as every other child in their grade or class.