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No, if it is an electric you can use it in most parks but gas ones you have to go to a flying club or if you have a lot of land to fly on you should be okay.

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Q: Do you need a license to operate a RC jet?
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What is the average range for an electric RC jet?

The average range for an electric RC jet is about thirty miles. The cost of an electric RC jet ranges from $2,500 to $5,000. The price and distance all depend on the chosen model.

Where to get an RC fighter jet?

from your mom

What age do you have to be to fly an RC jet?


What are the Difference between RC oscillator And LC oscillator?

The difference between an RC and LC is that the frequency - determining device in the RC oscillator is not a tank circuit. LC can operate with A or C biasing, while RC can only operate with A.

How fast does the fastest RC jet go?

366mph (516kph)

Are heliocopter toys safe in the city?

You need a llittle space to operate large RC Helicopers,especially considering that these are usually quite expensive.

Does jet fuel work on savage x?

No it does not work because jet fuel is a different compound then regular RC fuel.

Do you need a license to work an rc forklift?

Yes you need a licence and training to drive any kind of forklift. Most times the company or bussiness you are working with or for will pay for your training.

Where do you get a RC fighter jet in brampton?

Better is to order RC planes from website - AIR HOGS as the RC planes provided by them are much realistic and controllable. There is no shop for RC in Brampton......better is to order them through net.

What is a beautiful rc speed boat?

Speed across the water with this beautiful looking RC Jet Ski Motor Boat! This Jet Ski is powered by two 380 motors and a large torsion twin propeller system. It is constructed with 100% metal actuating mechanics that make it durable. It comes with everything you need, including a 7.2V rechargeable battery, charger and transmitter. This Jet Ski comes pre-assembled and ready to race right out of the box.

What battery do rc Buggies require?

RC Buggies tend to use 9.6v batteries, these are sufficient to operate an RC buggy. RC is short for Remote Control, so it is basically a remote control car.

Why do RC helicopters not work in high elevation?

The air density is lower so the miniature blades on the RC does not generate enough lift to operate