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Q: Do you need a licensed plumber to install washer hookup in mass?
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Do you need a licensed plumber to change a tap washer in New South Wales?


Do you need a licensed plumber to change a washer in Western Australia?

Not at all. Home handymen can attempt this simple repair themselves.

Does the Whirlpool LTG5423D stackable washer alone easy to hookup?

The Whirlpool LTG5423D has a standard back-mounted gas hookup, which is easy to connect.

Is the landlord responsible to have plumbing installed for a washer and dryer?

It depends on the terms of a lease. If a washer and dryer hookup is not installed in the unit or property, then it is expected that your laundry be done off-premises.

Does the Haier XQJ50-31 1.7 Cu ft Portable Washer hook up to a sink?

The Haier XQJ50-31 1.7 Cu ft Portable Washer is made to hookup to a kitchen sink.

Washer Dryer Combo?

form_title= Washer Dryer Combo form_header= Install a washer dryer combo in your home! Do you want a high efficiency washer?*= () Yes () No () Not Sure What are the dimensions of the space? *= _ [50] What features do you want in a washer dryer combo?*= _ [100]

How much does it cost to switch gas dryer hookup to electric hookup?

It depends on what kind of dryer you are going to put in though I recommend to put in a 110 dryer so there will be no need for a contractor as the outlet for your washer is usually rated to supply enough amps for both appliances.

How do you install winchill washer pump in nissan altima 2005?

Sure...just as soon as you ask about a windshield washer pump....what the heck is a winchill washer pump?

I need my ge washer repaired; is there anything I should check or do before calling out a repair man?

If you need your ge washer repaired you should check to see that everything is connected properly to the washer and then call a repair man, or plumber to ask his advise.

How do you install a heat tape on the washer hoses to prevent freezing when those are rubber?

You cannot install a heat tape on the washer horses when it is made of rubber. Fabrication may help in replacing the rubber.

What happens if you dont install a drain plug washer?

A drain plug washer is not necessary unless you have oil leaking from the drain plug.

How do you replace windshield washer pump Nissan maxima 1997?

Remove the wiring harness from the washer pump. Remove the washer pump hose. Remove the washer pump retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new windshield washer pump.