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Of course you dont! You can play Netball with your hair however you like it!


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A person typically has hair under a pony tail. Under a pony's tail is their anus which is where they defecate from.

Looks like the tail of a well-groomed pony.

it looks like a horses tail, obviously.

the Chinese king had a pony tail too

brushing the mane and tail of your horse/pony

it's named a ponytail because it looks like the tail of a pony. And another thing: you need to have a ponytail when you're riding on horses for your safety.

one is a flip,u do a pony tail and then u make a hole above the elastic and flip the pony tail into that hole..... next you have the twist.... yon take some hair near your forehead and twist it you put that to the side and make a pony tail with the hair that is not twisted and then u take the twist still twisted in the pony tail...u can also do this one but with a braid instead of a twist another 1 is a messy bun,just an ordinary pony tail,braids ,side pony tail up high in the air..... hope this helped!!!!!!!!! sweetcandy1293!!!!!!!!!!!!!

spell check your answer

Wear Rolled up Jeans , a pink or white shirt and your hair in a pony tail with a scarf on your neck across it or in your pony tail.

Yes, because I did it. First make sure its in a low pony tail. Then simply cut off a chunk. Then un do your pony and cut the small chunk of long piece, its better to do it while its wet.

no Pat Sajak does not have a Pony Tail.

NO! he dose not wear a ponytail.

Takae your hair and put it up your but

I'm assuming you mean your going into sixth grade and need a new hairstyle. Don't do anything big first of all. For the first day, maybe straighten your hair, or if you usually wear it down, put it up, or if you usually put it up, put it down. But NOT anything big. Anything that involves hairspray (unless you feel the need for using it for a pony tail) don't do it! If you have relatively long hair, put it in a pony tail, but if you usually put it in one, braid it the night before and wear it in a pony tail, or wear a headband with a pony tail. I don't reccomend pigtails, more of for under 4th graders. But, a popular one is headband and ponytail with long hair. If your hair is to short to be in a pony tail- either straighten or curl it- DON'T PUT IN A HEADBAND!! Just a headband can look a bit immature. Good luck!

Yes. To me, the only way you can get pink play dough is: you can make it or you can buy it along with a my little pony set that grows it's own tail and mane and.. the tail and mane is made of pink play dough!!!You can get them at Toys "R" Us.

It depends on how long your hair is if it is just above the top of your shoulders you can put it in a pony tail than spread the hair out around the pony tail so that it is sticking out around the pony tail but you want it to go all around your pony tail then put another hair tie around that it is cute quick and easy you should have your hair wet also this looks best if you have bangs and put your bangs down you can also try scrunching it.

If the volume of the hair is large it would be pony tail other wise the less number of hair will be better straight down. well depends on if the girl has nice looking hair if she doesnt the put it a pony tail but if its nice hair then leave it down

Just having it in a pony tail won't cause split ends. However, if you are rough with your hair while you are taking out the pony tail, you can damage your hair. Using covered elastics without metal on them are easier on your hair than rubber bands or the elastics with the metal clips on them.

simply a middle-high pony tail

Yes. But they normally have a bun

anywhere between $60 and $200

by putting it in a long braid or put it in a pony tail

Sweat pants and a short sleve tee and sneakers and for girls have your hair in a pony tail. Bring water to keep hydrated (:

It's basically a pony tail, but on the last turn of the bobble, you leave it half way on the pony, creating a spiky look. It is acheivable using gel, hairspray, waz, or mousse. Try these different ways out for a look that's unique for you.

pony tail..girls short..boys

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