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Yes, and it depends on what kind of surgeon. If you were to say become a neurosurgeon, you will need math to calculate the diameter of the cut. Also, you will for any surgeon need to have a history in physics, there you can measure how deep the cut is, and when the patient will wake up

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Does a psychologist need mathematical skills?

yes they do indeed.

What technology skills do you need to become a surgeon?

You figure it out it also depens on what type of surgeon yo want to be like a orthopedic surgeon should be good at hammering things and stuff like that ect.....

What skills do you need to become a surgeon?

AnswerA steady hand, good concentration and alot of good science grades.

How you know the value of each point on the number line?

It seems you need to learn mathematical skills first

What skills do you need to have in a trauma surgeon?

Trauma surgeon needs to have two skills: taking decisions in the shortest amount of time and be handy (making sutures and working with various tools calls for a handy person). He or she should also be able to deal with stress.

Skills you need to have to be an orthodontist?

You need to have a approved orthodontist degree, be able to perform in fast situations, being a part surgeon and all, and have the brains. -agenthl

What are the mathematical skills of basketball?


What skills are needed to be a surgeon?

a steady hand... :)

What skills do a surgeon need to have to be successful?

you should really invest in cocain lots of it then you'll be able to work for hours on end:D

What hard skills are need to become a surgeon?

can i do mbbs after general nursing and how much fess sand me answer my email

What skills do you need to be a brain surgeon?

Knife skills. Talking skills to explain how you messed up to te family. And band aid skills. That's all. Brain surgeons are about as skilled as a five yr old cutting up a steak

Are there any math skills required to become a professional body piercer?

You need to be good with measurements, but that's about as mathematical as it gets. :)

What about the mathematical skills of the Mayas?

heiorglyphs are asoe

Why does a surgeon need to know calculus?

So he can become a surgeon.

What 4 job skill requirements to be a doctor?

To become a doctor you need the following skills: # Excellent diagnostic skills # Excellent communication skills # Great management skills # Advanced problem solving skills To become a surgeon one needs a fair amount of dexterity as well.

What are some skills for a doctor?

Memorization, people skills, decision making, steady hands (surgeon).

How long do you need to learn your mathematics skill?

You should keep learning - mathematical and other skills - throughout your life. Don't waste it!

What specific skills are needed to become a heart surgeon?


How did Archimedes invent the catapult?

by there mathematical skills they made

Does norplant have to be removed by a surgeon?

Norplant does not normally need to be removed by a surgeon.

What degree do you need to go into school to become a surgeon?

A surgeon degree.

How is algebra related to brain surgeon?

You need to have extremely good skills in your mathmatic because you have to know where to cut or where not to cut.....everything you do consists of math and science.

What are the mathematical skills neede to find out how many squares are on a chessboard?

you need to count the squares going up and across the board.then you mutiplay them together

What college degree do you need to become a surgeon?

You would need a medical degree and residency in surgery to become a surgeon. If you become a registered nurse, you could assist a surgeon.

What jobs require medical skills?