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Q: Do you need to go to school or college to get a levels UK?
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Does Gce o level take you to enter a college in the UK?

No. You need GCE "A" levels or their equivalents.

How old do you have to be to leave school in the UK?

16, once you have finished your gcse, but most people stay on to go to sixthform/college to do their a levels then university afterwards.

What types of degrees does a teacher need?

In the UK: Undergraduate degree= primary school + secondary school Masters degree= college+ secondary school Doctorate=University

What are 'O-levels ' in UK school?

'O levels were superseded in UK schools about 20 years ago. The 'O' stood for 'ordinary'. 'A' levels (advanced levels) are still in use.

What are processes to establish a college in UK?

i am looking to establish a college in UK i need help, what is the procedure?

What is the largest school chapel in UK?

Lancing college

Does it cost a school money for a student to drop a subject in a levels UK?


Do you need to go to sixth form or college to be a vet or how long at school?

It depends which country you're from. In the UK you have to have at least 3 a-levels (usually grade A) and study at university for 5 years (6 at some universities). In America you have to get a university degree before starting the vet course.

Is meridian business school a A rated college in UK?

no its highly trusted

Best law school in UK?

By entry standards, Cambridge is the top law school in the UK. By graduate prospect standards, the University College London is rated the best.

What do you need to get into University of Michigan?

To go to university in the UK, you generally need to have A levels. There are other ways to get in though.

Can you go to an American University after doing A-levels programme?

I doubt it. Fro what I have researched, you need to do the Scholastic Aptitude Test or American College Testing (SAT and ACT). There are various centres in the UK where you can do the SAT's or ACT's and these can be found through the College Board website: