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Some Fathers and Mothers is very busy in our life in that condescension he/she never care our children. So he/she take want to study our children in home school.

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2016-03-04 07:43:09
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Q: Do you need to have finished high school to homeschool your children?
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Does the older Duggar children all have their GEDs?

The older Duggar children have homeschool high school diplomas. I heard Josh say he had his GED.

What high school did jessica sanchez go to?


Did Blake Griffin homeschool?

Yes, until High School

Should I use homeschool software?

School software is very useful especially for children that will soon attend a regular school. For high school student, it is not advisable since the subjects are more complex.

Can you join the navy with homeschool degree?

Yup! For almost any college or organization, a homeschool high school diploma is just as good as one from a public or private school.

Can homeschool high school be detrimental to people entering college?

"Well, yes and no. Homeschool high school doesn't generally have the same transcripts that normal high schools have, so that can make the college application process frustrating." "Homeschool high school is detrimental to a students' development, because they don't receive any social interaction. If college is their first social experience, it can be pretty overwhelming."

Can you attend high school and homeschool at the same time to make up credits?

yes you can

Can a parent homeschool their child even though the parent does not have a high school diploma?

yes you can but its better to send them to a real school intill you get your high school diploma

Where can one find accredited homeschool curriculum for middle school kids? has a lot of different homeschool related resources. The Keystone School also has a lot of online homeschooling information for middle school and high school kids.

Is homeschool high School Diploma Accredited?

No. A homeschool high school diploma earned even after meeting all required courses by your state would not be accredited. If you have accreditation that means you have some institution that has examined your program and has deemed it worthy of their mark or name. So no, a homeschool does not carry any accreditation by any institution.

What colleges in new jersey accept homeschool high school diplomas?

does ocean county college accept a christian based high school diploma

Can you do home schooling in 6 grade?

Yes. It is even possible to homeschool high school students.

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