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No, porcelain tile needs to be grouted which seals the floor. The tiles have their own water resistant finish on them when purchased.

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Yes before I put the mop and glow

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Do you need to seal fully vitrified glazed porcelain tiles using in the shower and laundry arear?

Seldom any need to seal any tile, certainly not Vitrified, what you will still want to seal is the grout..

Porcelain Tile?

form_title= Porcelain Tile form_header= Install beautiful porcelain tile in your home! Where do you want he tile installed?*= _ [50] What are the dimensions of the room?*= _ [50] What size do you want the tile?*= _ [50]

Do you seal porcelain tile?

Yes you do seal porcelain tile unless it is pre-sealed. The reason for this is because most stone is porous and will absorb any liquids or humidity. This could result in mold and mildew growth. Consult the manufacturer on maintainance and care.

What kind of wax is used on porcelain tile floors?

Wax should NEVER be used on a porcelain tile. Porcelain is non porous and has no need for waxing. It will only become a mess to clean later.

How do you know if porcelain tile is pre sealed?

Porcelain tile is basicaly glass & doesnt need to be sealed, sounds like some sales person is trying to sell you a smoke grinder. The grout should be sealed but your wasting your money sealing a porcelain tile. Ceramic, maybe, saltillo absolutely, but not the porcelain.

How do you glue porcelain tile together?

With a porcelain mastic.

Is porcelain or ceramic tile more durable?


Do you need to seal tile floors?

Yes. If it is a ceramic or porcelain tile you only need to seal the grout. If you have a natural stone or quarry you need to seal the tile and the grout. Generally when you install natural stone, you seal the tile before you grout. Otherwise the colorant in the grout will seep into the tile. If the floor is existing you would seal it all at once. Don't forget to use a stripper to remove any old sealer. Make sure the stripper is acceptable for the type of flooring you are sealing. Stone can be very delicate and damage easily. Vinegar can etch marble, granite, and travertine. One last note, you get what you pay for with sealer. Invest in a good sealer and you will get much better, much longer results.

What is the weight of porcelain tile?

Depends on the size of a tile...

Can you mix ceramic and porcelain tile together on a floor?

can you mix ceramic and porcelain tile on a bathroom floor

What advantage does porcelain tile give?

Porcelain tile is very durable. It can withstand heavy traffic, and is easy to clean. Porcelain tile doesn't deform in extreme temperatures. It is also skid resistant.

What is the best tile for a four season room?

A porcelain tile.

Is porcelain tile stronger than granite tile?


What adhesive is best for ceramic and porcelain tile?

Thinset mortar. There's a special one for porcelain tile; any thinset will work for regular ceramic tile.

Do you seal travertine tile before you grout?

It depends on the type of tile you have. If the tile is unglazed and porous (as mostly all travertine is) then you will need to seal the tile before you grout it so that the grout does not soak into the tile and cause it to become dull. Follow the manufacturers recommendation for the tile that you have.

Can I use vinegar and water to clean porcelain floor plank tile?

Can I use water & vinegar to clean porcelain plank floor tile

What is the best cleaner for porcelain tile?

With porcelain tile you want to use a mild cleaner. Your local tile store should be able to help you choose an excellent tile cleaner. Stone Tech and Miracle Sealants make some decent tile cleaners.

Which is best granite or porcelain tile?


Is mastic 500 good for porcelain tile floors?

No. Mastic 500 is an asphalt-based preparation. It would be very bad for porcelain tile floors.

Can you clean porcelain with muriatic acid?


Can use sealer for porcelain tile?

Porcelain is usually sealed already. You then add sealer to the grout.

Can you paint porcelain wall tile?

No, it will drop off.

What is the density of porcelain tile?

2.4 gm/cm3

How do you attach artwork to porcelain tile?

Use silicone .

How do you remove paint from a bathroom shower tile without damaging the porcelain white tub any suggestions?

scrape it with a razor blade...assuming the tile is untextured porcelain