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If you have a huge tank than yes but if you have a 1/2 galon bowl I would say no. No, it is not necessary, but it is a nice thing to have. Live aquarium plants will reduce the amount of nitrates in the water, leaving it cleaner and making your betta happier. Also, the bettas like to rest on the leaves and play in the plant. Even bettas in a small bowl will appreciate the luxury of a plant- they can hide behind it, and find shade if it is too light. Bettas will NOT eat a plant- they are carnivorous and subsist on betta bites, brine shrimp, bloodworms, etc. I suggest easy to grow plants such as java fern, java moss, elodea (aka anarchis) for the bowl. Java fern will survive in low light so that may be the best for you. However, I have elodea in my fishbowl and it's doing beautifully. It also depletes the water of nutrients so that algae will not grow. If you use a plastic plant, make sure it is not sharp so it cannot hurt the betta.

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Q: Do you need to use a plant for your Betta?
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Does a betta always need a peace lilly in the bowl?

No! You don't have to have a plant in a betta tank.

What do betta fish need?

All they need is a tank some water some rocks a plant and to be feed.

What do fish need to surive?

betta fish are pretty easy to take care of. water small tank, a plant and a light. and betta food

Do you have to have a plant in a tank with a betta fish?

You don't have to, but the Betta Fish likes it because they can sleep in the plant.

Can you use a pothos plant for your betta fish bowl?

you posibily could but i wouldn't suggest it.

Do you need to use a heater to breed betta fish?

No they don't i had Betta fish for 2 years and never used a heater to breed them.

What kind of plant can you put with a betta for nourishment?

Betta's don't eat plants, in nature they eat insects. Which is why they are kept in the rice patties. So you would need to feed them betta food.

Can i use tap water and boil it for betta fish?

No, you need a saltwater tank.

What plant lives with a betta in a gallon of water?

Any freshwater plant will do.

Betta fish in a regular old fish bowl you put a plant in the bowl your question is what type of plant is this and is it a plant that is safe for your Betta I have a pic but the link won't post?

Betta fish need filtered and oxygenated tanks just like other freshwater fish. Pet stores that tell you that Betta fish don't need much room or filtered tanks are either ill-informed or just plain unethical. Too much current flow isn't healthy since Bettas like slow moving water. If you are putting a plant inside a tank with your Betta (and not keeping the Betta in a vase with a plant growing out of the top and the roots growing into the Betta's space), any freshwater fish-friendly plant is good. Just make sure that it is soft so it doesn't damage the Betta's delicate and beautiful fins. Don't put a Betta in a vase with or without a plant growing above it. Also, don't keep them in tight containers or small cups. This practice is cruel and inhumane!

Can you put a ponsetta plant with a betta fish?


Can you put a betta fish with calla lily plant in a vase?

No betta fish cannot survive with a calla lily because the plant is basically poisoning the fish

What plants are not safe to put in a bowl with a betta fish?

Any plant that is not aquarium safe should not be placed with a betta

Can a betta fish feed off of elephant ear plant or praying plant?


Does betta need sunlight?


Do betta fish like sun?

Well, Yes and no. Betta do like LIGHT to be able to distinguish night and day, they also need the warmth, but you can use a heater. betta fish do need light, but it is not good to keep a betta in direct sunlight as it may increase the temperature byy far too much. so just keep it in light at day, or get a lamp.

Do i need a filter for my betta fish?

of course you do you need the fish to have WATER because every fish in the world needs water so the betta fish needs it to,to live so the betta fish does need a FILTER

Why do female betta fish need a male betta fish to give birth?


How come when you got a female Betta and you put it in with a male Betta and the female Betta hid in a plant what does that mean?

The male will try to spawn with her. If she is not in breeding condition she needs to hide to stay alive.

Do Betta need a heater?

No not really

Do betta fish breath air?

Yes. All fish need oxygen, including Betta fish. But Betta fish, as well as Gouramis are labyrinth fishes that have a structure that allow it to breath straight oxygen from regular air, they can also use there gills as well.

What plant do the betta fish live in?

Betta fish live in rice paddies. The misconception that the Betta live in a small amount of water it's whole life has spread wide. A Betta actually only lives in small pools of water during the dry season when it is forced to by receding water levels. Also like many other fish a Betta in captivity would enjoy the protection of almost any aquatic plant.

How bigger tank does a betta need?

for one betta the minimum is 1 quart of water (four cups).

Will a betta fish die if the water in the tank is not filtrated?

Betta are airbreathers. So long as the ammonia and nitrates are okay, you don't need filters on a Betta tank.

What does a betta fish need to survive?

Betta fish live in water that is 20 or 22 degree C.I know so because I have my own Betta fish.