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Yes, in certain places of this country you can be fined if you drive to close to someone or something .

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 18:55:25
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Q: Do you receive points for driving too close?
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You may lose your license?

If you accumulate too many points on your driving record

You may lose your drivers license if you accumulate too many points on your driving record?


Can you lose your drivers license if you accumulate too many points on your driving record?

Yes, you can. The points and the tickets may differ from state to state.

Truck drivers probably cannot see your vehicle if?

You are driving too close behind them.

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What does revoked or refused mean in driving?

Well you can have revoked driving licence which means its suspended for some type of reason like too many points or something happend that took away driving privelege so you might have a revoked driving for those things If helps trust points greatly appreciated.

Can you lose your license If you accumulate too many points on your driving record?

Absolutely, that's why they assess pooints for each violation you commit.

Can you receive a traffic citation for driving too slowly true or false?

That is true. In California, if you drive 15 miles per hour less than the speed limit on the freeway, you may receive a citation.

What are all the ways your license can get suspended?

The 3 top reasons that come to mind are: reckless driving, too many points, and repeat DWI offenses.

What can make you lose your license?

too many demerit points from too many speed tickets. Driving under the influence of alcohol and or drugs and especially if you caused a death. Not sticking to the rules for learner drivers.

When will your license be cancelled?

When you receive too many points determined by the state where your license is issued. This will also prevent you from getting a license in any other state as well.

How do you find out how many points a ticket is worth and how much it will affect your insurance?

Points don't matter. It's whether it's a major and minor conviction. Major - Ie) Drunk Driving - Good Luck finding insurance, especially some you can afford. Minors can be problematic too, if they're in combination with other things, ie) cancelled for non-payment - you may be disqualified from a certain carrier points definitely matter. depending on your state you probably get specific amounts of points on your driving record. the insurance company uses a whole different point system and they stay on longer than they do on your driving record (3yrs vs. 2yrs.)You can find out on-line or at the police how many driving record points a ticket is worth, but I have no idea short of asking an agent how to find out how many "insurance points" they are worth. Once you get past about 8 insurance points, it starts to get pretty bad and insurance points are higher than the amount on your driving record.

How much does driving to close to a car cost?

In Gratiot County, Michigan, Following too Closely is a $120.00 fine. It's probably similar elsewhere.

Do you get banned if caught driving over 100 mph?

first a HEAVY fine is given and you are punished with 3 points on your licence and may receive jail time too and if you get caught again you 100% sure will get your licence PERMENANTLY revoked, definite jail time (for reckless driving), and a larger fine. So i would NOT recommend EVER drivingover 100 MPH and even if you don't wreck you are twice as likely to wreck.

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How many points for a ticket for following too closely in ct?

Tickets for following too closely behind someone in the state of Connecticut will usually cost someone about $50. People should be careful to not do this when driving so they will not obtain a ticket.

If you get too many parking and or street sweeping tickets will they eventually add up to points on your driving record in California?

I asked the city of Cadillac Director Jeff Hawke and he said that they do not add up to points on your liscence. He said when you dont pay them is when you have a problem.

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Is driving with too many passengers a moving violation?

is driving with too many passengers at age 16 a moving violation

You received a ticket with 3 separate violation if you go to traffic school will it erase all 3 violation or just 1?

In the state of New Hampshire traffic school does not erase violations, it will deduct points against your license you have received because of violations. If you receive too many points, you lose your license for some determined amount of time. I have also heard that the more points you have, the higher your insurance is too.