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Q: Do you say 2620 in Spanish in word form?
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How do you say nieces in spanish?

In Spanish, the plural form of the English word nieces is "las sobrinas".

How do you say 26 in Spanish in word form?

veinte y seis

How do you say the word grandmother in spanish?

for grandmother in spanish you say "abuela", the diminutive form is "abuelita", wich is very common, greatgrandmother is tatarabuela. Now for grandfather in spanish you say "abuelo" or "abuelito", and great granfather is "tatarabuelo".

How do you say the word me or you in spanish?

The word me in spanish is mi. The word word for you is tu.

How do you say 233 740 in word form?

two hundred thirty-three thousand, seven hundred forty.

How do you say the word in in Spanish?

The word "in" in Spanish is spelled "en."

How do you say students in spanish?

The Spanish word for student is 'estudiantes'. This is the plural form of 'estudiante'. The word 'estudiante' can refer to either a male or female student.

How do you say the name Sierra in Spanish?

Sierra is the Spanish word for "mountain" or "mountain range". It already is a Spanish word, but to say it as a Spanish word, remember to roll the "rr".

What is 5 in Spanish do not say 5 is the Spanish word?

5 in Spanish is "cinco". You cannot say "five" because that is an English word, not Spanish.

What does de nade mean in spanish?

De nade is not a real Spanish phrase. This is probably meant to say "De nada." This means "of nothing" or "for nothing". However "De nada" by itself in response to a "thank you"/"Gracias" means "You're Welcome" The Spanish word "De" means "of" or it could means "[You] give" as a form of the word "Dar" The Spanish word "Nade" (form of Nadar) means "[you] swim" The Spanish word "Nadé" (form of Nadar) means "[I] swam" The Spanish word "Nada" means "Nothing" or (form of Nadar) "[he/she/it] swim(s)"

How do you say kacen in Spanish?

That is not a word in Spanish

How do you say bra in spanish?

To say bra in spanish is the word "Sostan"