Do you start seeds with light?

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Will bean seeds grow faster with light or without?

actually a bean seed will grow faster in the dark. it grows faster because of its conditions, it has to grow higher to reach any light. Although it may grow faster it has less colour and 'attractiveness' aha. it turns into a white, pale colour, with no leaves.

Does the amount of light a seed is exposed to affect seed germination?

yes it does. the less light the seed has will either make the seed take longer to germinate or not germinate at all.. Answer . it really depends on the type of seed. some seeds like watermelon and tomato coulnd care less about how much light they get while others like lettuce would not germinate i ( Full Answer )

Does a seed need direct sun light or not?

Most seeds are damaged by direct sun and the majority need moisture, warmth, and darkness to stimulate growth. A few species of seeds need light to aid germination, but not necessarily direct sun.

Does amount of light affect seed germination?

Light doesn't really affect seed germination because during seed germination the seed mostly needs water so the seed can break out of the seed coat and also the water triggers metabolic changes in the embryo which enables the seed to grow.

How do you start seeds inside?

To start seeds indoors, try using CowPots or a similar bio-degradable starter pot. CowPots are made from cow manure, but they do not smell, and you can plant them directly into the ground.. Start seeds indoors in the spring, and transplant outside when there is no risk of frost.. you mean germinat ( Full Answer )

Does a seed grow towards the light?

Green plants respond to the stimulus of light. Most stems and leaves grow towards light. HINt: If you have never noticed a plant that has sat in a sunny window for to long always bends towards the light.

How do you start a cedar tree from a seed?

I am delighted to have your question as it lends credence to a recent book purchase of mine on seeds! "Cedar," unfortunately, is a common parlance given to three distinctly different genera of evergreen woody plants: "true" cedarsCedrus spp, arborvitae; Thuja spp, northern white cedar and western re ( Full Answer )

How did lighting start?

Initially lighting began with fires built in or near dwelling and work areas, to allow for work and community interaction after nightfall and also to discourage predators. Torches of flaming twigs or other inflammable material quickly followed.. Later, animal fat and later still, beeswax, was emplo ( Full Answer )

How lighting starts?

Lightning is caused when clouds colide causing mass amounts of static electricity then searching for the highest earth point. hence why you dont live on hills hahahaha.

Does every plant start from a seed?

Technically speakng, every part does start from a seed. However, some plants can grow from part of another pre-existing plant, like a tuber. Tulips can be grown from their bulbs.

How do you plant a pear seed to start a tree?

You might not have good results if you grow a pear tree from a seed. Many pears are grafted. They will take hardy, wild rootstock and graft a fairly weak branch to it. The pear will, then be fertilized by who-knows-what other pear and the seeds may produce a tree that bears poor quality fruit or the ( Full Answer )

Why do seeds not need light to grow?

Seeds don't need photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, sunlight is used by the plant to create various simple sugars. A seed has the nutrients it needs, including those simple sugars, built in.

Where are the light seeds in prince of Persia?

no one can answer this!! you shall try to complete every area each time. in any area that you cant find some light seeds, try writing on youtube "prince of persia,-the area you are stuck", and you'll probably find in a video what you need!! hope i helped!!

Do pumpkin seeds grow better in light or dark?

Pumpkin seeds definetely grow alot better during the day. This is because they need alot of sunligh, photosynthesis and water. They also grow much faster in the day then at night.. Hope this helps. From: Daren

Does a seed need light to germinate?

Physiologically seeds do not need light to germinate as they store enough food reserves in their cotyledons (or cotyledon if a monocotyledonous plant). However, so seeds need to be exposed to light to overcome dormancy, whereas others require to be covered for germination. Normally extremely small ( Full Answer )

Seed need sunshine to start growing?

Absolutely! Sunlight is essential for plants to grow. . there is a big difference between what a plant needs to grow and what a seed needs to germinate. most seeds require darkness to germinate, some are light inhibited and a few require light to germinate- most notable of these is lettuce.

Can you grow a seed with lights then put it outdoors?

Yes, the growing lights are mimicking the sun's UV rays, so transplanting a plant from inside to outside would not hurt it. If anything, it might even be good for it. Though, you can still regulate the amount of sunlight a plant receives with an in-door lighting system.

Does cereal start off as a seed?

Most cereal comes from wheat, which is processed into cereal. In rice-based cereal, its either processed or puffed rice. So its either wheat or rice.

Will sunflower seeds grow in light or dark?

Sunflowers seeds will sprout in full darkness, but in order for them to grow, they must have lots of light. Otherwise, the sprouts will die within a few days.

The baby plant in the seed uses the food stored in the seed only when it starts growing?

No, actually, the embryo is using a small amount of stored reserve even when the seed is dry, dormant and sitting in a packet on the shelf. That's part of the reason why dry seeds eventually die if they're kept long enough. But you're right.. when the seed begins to germinate, then the increase i ( Full Answer )

Do seeds need sunlight to start germinating?

Absolutely! Sunlight is essential for plants to grow. there is a big difference between what a plant needs to grow and what a seed needs to germinate. most seeds require darkness to germinate, some are light inhibited and a few require light to germinate- most notable of these is lettuce.

Do more seeds germinate in light or in darkness?

Many seeds germinate in the darkness, because when seeds are planted, they are planted in the darkness of the soil, then push up the seedlings towards the light above the soil.

Is an apple ok if the seeds start to sprout in it?

if the rest of the apple is not soft or bruised, it is fine. Just don't eat the seed. You could plant the seed and have an apple tree, but if you don't have good nutrients in your soil or the weather isn't right u may end up with a crab apple tree. Apples are pretty tough though, they grow all over ( Full Answer )

Does a seed need air to start growing?

nope, just bury it where the water wen it rains will get down far enough to get to it, and plenty of sunshine, like put it in a spot where the sun shines the most, and that's it.

Is light and soil needed for seeds to germinate?

some seeds require light for germination, while others do not. seed would prefer to germinate on or in the osil, but can also germinate if a suitable alternative media is provided - think of the experiment you do in school with beans and wet tissue paper

How do you start marijuana seeds?

Put the seeds in a zip lock bag with wet paper towls and put them by light till they start growin roots.

How do you jump start grass seed?

By watering it. Heat also helps germination, but that's not usually something you can provide yourself; just try to use grass seed when you're expecting warm weather.

Where do Venus Flytrap seeds start out?

First, the Venus Flytrap grows white little flowers in Spring (April-May) then, once the little flower opens there are exposed seeds. Get these seeds and plant them again. In the wilderness they fall down.

What is the process of a seed starting to sprout?

First of all, the seed imbibes water and gets its enzymes activated. Active metabolism in the seed is resumed and cell division starts in the radicle and plumule. The radicle comes out of the micropyle first followed by the plumule. Thus sprouting in the seed takes place.

Is it to early to start my seed in side?

Starting something growing inside can be a good idea if the weather is not favorable. However, you should make sure to re-pot it before it dies, or stops growing due to lack of room.

What seeds that starts with a E?

Empress of India Nasturtium flower is grown from seed. Epazote is a herb that is grown from seed.