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If the meter is broken you are not supposed to park there.... you can get a ticket for parking at a defected meter.

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Q: Do you still have to insert coins into a parking meter if it is broken?
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Is it legal Philadelphia Parking Authority broken meter?

no it is not

How would you use the word meter in a pharagraph?

The student asked, "What is a meter?" The woman put coins in the parking meter.

Is it legal to park alongside a parking meter that is broken?

You can park at a meter that is broken, as long as the meter isn't "bagged" pending repair. If it is not bagged, you might also phone the number on the meter to report that it is broken.

Can you park at a parking meter that is broken in California?

Yeah, but you might get fined

A parking meter collected 10.40 in nickels and dimes if 63 of the coins are dimes how many were nickels?


Who would you contact regarding parking meter keys?

You should contact the transportation department for the city where the parking meter is located. They will be able to transfer you to the parking authority, who should have the keys to the parking meter.

What types of coins are accepted in a Canadian parking meter?

According to the Canadian Counsel they encourage the use of Canadian coin as well as US coins. The use of US coins makes no sense because it holds no value in Canada.

Who invented the parking meter?

The parking meter was originally invented by Carlton Cole Magee, the head of Oklahoma City's Chamber of Commerce, in response to growing parking congestion.

What did Carlton Magee devise in the US for motorists?

parking meterit is parking meter

What is the french word for parking?

Parking place is Place de Parking On street parking is Parking sur rue Parking underground is Parking souterrain Parking ticket is Billet de parking Parking meter is Parcometre

If a parking meter were a meter high how many inches high would it be?


Is it illegal for someone to tie a giraffe to a parking meter in Chicago?

No, but I am sure if you tried to die a giraffe to a parking meter, you would be asked to move it.

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