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No, you vote for the president every 4 years.

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Q: Do you vote for the president every 2 years?
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How many years do you elect a president?

Every 4 years we choose a new president in the United States.

Does Afghanistan vote for their President?

Yes, they have an election every five years. If no one candidate has a majority of votes, a second round of voting is held with the 2 candidates who have received the most votes for president.

How often are federal elections?

for president every 4 years for representative [ congress ] every 2 years for senate [ congress ] every 6 years

How often does Brazil elect a president?

The president of Brazil is chosen by popular vote every 4 years, with no limitations to the number of candidates and two-turn scheme, in which the 2 most voted in the first turn go for the second turn of voting.

When are national elections taken?

Every 4 years for President Every 6 years for US Senate Every 2 Years for US House of Representatives

How often does south Africa elect a new president?

Every 5 or 10 years. The president is elected by parliament after the general election every 5 years. A president is allowed to serve 2-terms, or 10 years in total.

For how long do you elect your president?

there is an election every 4 years, a president can serve 2 terms( 8years.)

What is the maximum number of years a president can serve?

I believe the answer to that question is 4. Every 2 years there is an election and after a president has served for 2 years he can go up for reelection. Hope this helps!

How is the President and vice president selected in Poland?

1. The president in Poland is elected by direct election, by all citizens above 18 years of age. 2. There is no vice president in Poland.

How many terms can a person serve as president of US?

2 terms which is the same as 8 years and every four years there is an election

What is the term of the president?

The Vice President serves the people and the President. When necessary he may vote in the Senate to break a tie vote.

How old do citizents have to be to vote for president?

1) 18 years of age 2) a citizen of the U.S. and meets the residency requirements of his or her state