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You can say "nos gusta nadar". Literally this is "Swimming is pleasing to us".

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¿Te gusta nadar?

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Q: Do you want to swim in Spanish?
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Do you want to go for a swim in spanish?

Translation: ¿Quieres ir a nadar?

How do you say to swim in Spanish?

nadar means to swim in spanish

What does 'swimming' mean in Spanish?

Swim means nothing in Spanish. In Spanish, the verb "to swim" is "nadar."

Swimmer in Spanish?

To swim or swimming in spanish nadar.

What is nadar in Spanish?

to swim

Can you swim Spanish?

puedes nadar?

What does nadamos mean in spanish?

"we swim."

What is nadan in Spanish?

They swim/they are swimming

What is swimming in Spanish?

Nadar- to swim

How do you write we swim in spanish?


What does the Spanish word nadar?

nadar is the Spanish infinitive meaning "to swim".

How do you spell to swim in Spanish?

SCUBA. It is an acronym and not normally translated. I know SCUBA is used in both Spain and Mexico.