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Do you wear bikinis?

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Only as a dare.lol

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Do cats wear blue bikinis?

No, they wear purple bikinis!!!! GEEZ! UR SO STOOPID! LOL...anyhoo...they wear them cause the bikinis are made out of water...!!!! muahahaha!

What do Russians wear?

They wear bikinis, bras, and thongs.

Does Jennette mccurdy wear bikinis?

No, jennette mccurdy does not wear bikinis because she does not like showing her belly. If she was swimming she would wear a vest and long legging's.

What did the caddo wear?

they wear bikinis and some mini shirts

What do people in reggae wear?

people such as bob marely wear bikinis

Do cross-dressers wear bikinis?

Yes, crossdressers love wearing bikinis... one pieces too

What do Inuits wear in the summer?

they wear fur bikinis made from polar bears

Do teens wear jocks or bikinis?

it depends on the gender.

What Benjamin Banneker wear?

bikinis and booty shorts

Why do pineapples wear bikinis?

cause they come from the beach

Why do girls often wear bikinis in front of guys?

girls wear bikinis in front of guys because they want to get noticed by boys. they also want to show their butts

Why do girls wear bikinis?

Because they don't want to be naked,

How do girls wear bikinis?

The reason why girls wear bikinis is so that they are not naked. Another reason why girls wear bikinis is to show off their body. Girls like it when guys check them out and that is the most revealing way. It's the same way with guys. Why do guys wear swim trunks. To cover up there parts but still show off their body.

What kind of clothing did the timucuans wear?

they wear monkey buts and bikinis both female and male

Why do saiyans wear those dorky bikinis and never regular clothes?

what are you talking about? do you mean girl saiyans? because the boys dont wear bikinis. they usually wear either blue or black spandex under their armor. and to answer your question, i dont know why they wear bikinis and not regular clothes. it may be a sick joke about us girls. anyway, i love saiyans (boy saiyans! especially trunks!!!!)=-supersaiyanchick=

What female celebrities wear bikinis?

Almost all of them that arent total fatasses

Do teenage girls wear bikinis in spring?

Yes they do! The same goes for summer.

Should obese women wear bikinis?

They can, but they won't look good or sexy in them.

What did the ancient roman gods wear?

yes they wore bikinis and thongs and shorts

What clothing is typically worn foe playing volleyball?

Women wear bikinis Men wear shorts or trunks

What is the school uniform for itt tech?

Men should wear speedos and woman should wear bikinis and bras

What brand of bikinis does actress and singer Olivia Holt wear?

The brand of bikinis actress and singer Olivia Holt wears are not listed. Try asking her via Twitter

Should 11 year olds wear bikinis?

of course. she is just 11 so let her wear what she wants and be a kid!

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