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Yes you do.

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Q: Do you wear safety gear at Olympic archery?
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What did the athletes wear in the Olympic games?

They wore the olympic gear such as : Trainers, Shorts and t-shirt.

Why do children under 14 have to wear safety gear?

To protect them from injuries.

What do gunsmiths wear?

casual clothes are fine, safety gear included (gloves, safety glasses, etc.) and no loose clothing.

What safety gear do soccer players wear?

moth gard,cothes,shin pads

Why do we wear safety gear when in the kitchen?

Hot oil spatters can cause permanent injury to your eyes.

What is the safety involved in archery?

A person who is doing archery should wear a guard for their forearm. This will prevent the bowstring from raising a welt if it should accidentally hit you. Nobody is allowed to walk up and retrieve their arrows while someone is still shooting at a target.

How can you avoid getting hurt on a dirt bike?

Wear all of your safety gear and a good helmet, and do go too fast.

What gear you wear to protect yourself from danger?

Gear that is appropriate for the possibly danger that you may encounter. If you are paining, wear a mask to prevent paint spray from being inhaled, if you are bicycling wear safety helmet, if you are boating wear a life preserver.Just use common sense and you won't get hurt. Even Evel Knievel wore protective clothing in his jumps and stunts.

How do you kill spreading roots that are threatening the house structure?

Use "Roundup". Its a weed killer. They claim it kills the root. Wear safety gear.

What do runners wear in Olympic games?

olympic gears

Is it dangerous to use metal blades on your trimmer?

Yes.You should read all safety warning on your trimmer and be very careful to wear appropriate clothing and safety gear when operating any power equipment.

What are the safety rules for microwaves?

For emissions over 30W: wear protective clothing at all times and keep exposure time to a minimum. 5-30W: Wear protective gear over prolonged exposures (>10mins). <5W: Generally none but wear protective gear if exposure is likely to be >1hr. Generally avoid if possible.

What type of safety gear is used for skateboarding?

Well you could wear Knee pads helments elbow pads and maybe even gloves :P

Why do you wear protective gear when playing softball?

You wear protective gear so you dont get seriously injured

How do you wear soccer gear?

The soccer gear is made for humans, like any other gear. So you put it on and wear it the same as any other.

Why should you wear safe clothing in sports?

to avoid injurys because sports can cause physical injurys. so its better to ware all the safety gear!

What is the most important safety rule while cycling?

You must look from left to right before crossing the street as well as wear the proper head gear.

Do kickers wear cups?

Yes. Any player on the field is required to wear minimum safety gear. Kickers do not wear the heavier shoulder pads and leg padding though.AnswerMost players to not wear a cup. As a pro, you have learned very early on on how to keep yourself protected

What safety gear should a motorcycle rider wear?

AnswerWhether or not your state requires you to wear a helmet, it would be a GREAT idea to wear one. Next most important piece of gear would be a motorcycle jacket. They have armor built into the elbows, shoulders, and back and have gone throught rigorous testing to sustain a crash. Gloves and Boots would be the next most important. I don't know about you but I would rather wear the correct gear then lose the skin off my arms, legs, and face because I wanted to look "cool".Gear can be replaced....Your body can't

What rhyming science poems are there for safety?

science is a safety rule wear your googles wear your apron

How do you avoid the accidents to wear safety glasses?

wear a helmet rather than safety glasses

What do marine biologists wear for their occupation?

Marine biologists conduct extensive research on the organisms that live in various bodies of water. These scientists often wear scuba gear, wetsuits, protective gloves, and safety glasses for their occupation.

What gear would be considered essential for Motocross?

There are many different types of gear that are considered essential for Motocross. It is very important to wear a helmet while riding motorbikes. Gear like gloves, a chest plate, shin guards, and boots are also very essential to one's safety in this sport.

What do olympic runners wear?


What do olympic cyclists wear?