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Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

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Cervical mucus changes vary from not only woman to woman but also pregnancy to pregnancy. A woman can have one pregnancy where she has a ton of extra cervical discharge and then another pregnancy where she has absolutely none. Typically cervical mucus in pregnancy dries up somewhat but it is not uncommon for a woman to have a lotion-like cervical mucus during her pregnancy or somewhere in between the dry and lotion-like consistencies. There is no one cervical mucus that can determine pregnancy.

A fluctuation in cervical mucus is usually a pregnancy symptom. But I doubt your pregnant at this time. Stopping the pill will cause you to ovulate ASAP which is why you had the CM and the dryness now is because of the pill also. But if your period is late then do a test.

No its a sign of a dry vagina. Usually caused by a yeast infection.

Cervical mucus could be early pregnancy discharge. But it could also be:Normal vaginal discharge.Yeast infection discharge.Ovulation discharge.Here is more input from WikiAnswers Contributors:I remember seeing that thick stuff that looked like snot on my tissue and thinking, "What is this?" I certainly experienced that stuff during my two pregnancies.I had a doomed pregnancy a few months ago with a miscarriage at only about 6 weeks, and I did have the same excess of "snotty" discharge. I am now confirmed pregnant at about 5 weeks and am experiencing the same thing! So I think it can be a symptom, but not a guarantee that you are pregnant.I had an increase in cervical mucus and remember thinking how odd that was because I am not normally like that. I was, in fact, pregnant.I am no expert, but this would be my third pregnancy and I am showing those same signs. I would say like ovulating but milky. Yes usually I am dry a few days out of the month but not this month.I noticed a lot of cervical mucus when I became pregnant, which was unusual before my period. (I miscarried at 8 weeks.)My husband and I have been trying only for a month or so now. I was also curious about this question. Sometimes ejaculate can look a lot like cervical mucus, and it is difficult not to confuse the two.How about if you are still discharging after your missed period, its been 2 weeks and a day since i had unprotected sex, and My periods are very regular and yet I don't have it. I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I suppose I am too early on taking it. I have headaches/bloating/fatigue/frequent urination/missed period/nausea but not vomiting/cramping/and discharge. Do you suppose I could be pregnant?

Yes, cervical mucus is greatest during ovulation in order to aid sperm in entering the cervix to fertilize an egg. After ovulation the egg survives for a day or two then the body no longer has purpose for the mucus. Your hormones shift, your basal temperature rises and the mucus dries up. This is called "luteal phase" and it lasts until the start of your next period.

This could be an infection (bacterial or sexual- STD) or natural cervical mucus which changes consistency over the cycle- watery or slippery or egg-white when most fertile/ dry or white and sticky when not fertile. Please visit your GP or GYN for a check up.

That is called cervical mucus. Secreted by goblet cell of cervix. It is secreted during the period of non menstruation. The consistency of secretion varies along the cycle of mucus secretion. There are wet days and dry days. These consistency can give clue to detect fertility period (egg release) of women. The consistency are not only in term of amount of secreted mucus but also the appearance of the mucus such as thin/thick, white/transparent, stretchy/hold shape, slippery/dry&stick mucus.

There are three phases of cervical mucus: 1. Infertile phase - this occurs after your menstrual period and also called dry days. This is the most infertile time of the month 2. The fertile phase - when you're nearing your ovulation, you will experience discharges of cervical mucus in the vagina. At first, this cm will appear moist and sticky and white or creamy in color. As ovulation get even closer, your cm will change. you will get more and more cm and it will change into a transparent color one which can stretch tested by the finger. During ovulation, the cm will then change into an egg white cervical mucus because that exactly how it looks. 3. Post ovulation completely infertile phase - after ovulation feeling of wetness will stop and your cm will come back to its normal appearance - dry and sticky. This stages are a reference for those who are trying to conceive.

Yes. Your cervical mucus will change over the course of your cycle. This has everything to do with ovulation. Try tracking your cervical mucus and it will tell you when you are ovulating, and when your period is about to start. You will find that after your period finishes, you have little cervial mucus. You will feel "dry" when you touch your vagina and any mucus you have will be white or yellowish and feel either creamy or sticky. This mucus is actually very acid and is poison to sperm, it will kill them. As you approach ovulation your mucus will change, it will become clear and very slippery - very much like raw egg whites. And there will be a lot of it. Your vagina will feel wet or damp. This is the natural lubricant for sex and the cervical mucus actually helps sperm live longer and move through the vagina. Once you start to see this mucus, you know you are about to ovulate and are "fertile". This will usually last about 2-4 days. Once ovulation is over, the mucus will once again become sticky and no longer be clear. If you count 14 days from the middle of your "clear & slippery" cycle, you will find what day your period will come on. The mucus will remain sticky right up until your period starts.

Sperm in the cervical mucus of a woman's vagina can survive for up to seven days. Without the cervical mucus to both nourish and protect the sperm, the sperm will die within one-half to four hours. Anyone who has touched semen should - wash and dry - or at least wipe off-before touching the vulva or vagina.

Well, it depends.... Have you had dry scratchy eyes BEFORE your pregnancy too? If you had, you just might have an irritated eye. If not, then I will have to do some research on side affects from pregnancy.... So, I'll check in with that later.

For a man, no. For a woman, if there is no odd smell, and it doesn't irritate, this is normal. Having a white discharge is quite normal. You will usually see it on your panties. Only be concerned it is quite smelly and there is lots and lots of it. As vaginal discharge, this is known as cervical mucus. Your cervical mucus changes during your cycle. You will find that near the time of ovulation your vagina area will be "wet" while other times it is "dry." While you are ovulating, your cervical mucus will be clear (like raw egg white), slippery and stretchy. At other times in your cycle it will be white or creamy and quite sticky. Yellow discharge usually means signs of thrush. When in doubt, get checked out.

I think you can. I am experiencing heavy mucus being about 1 week away from my period. Although it hasn't really slowed down since I ovulated. But I think you can. ---- Not usually unless your pregnant... all women and their bodies are different but creamy white cervical mucus is more of an early pg sign not period ... your cm should be more watery before period i know it's that watery feeling that always had me running to the bathroom with tampon in hand only to discover my underwear were usually wet like i peed myself a little but never creamy and not alot of color.... all my pregnancy's one big sign was that white creamy discharge... but if pregnancy did not happen after ovulation it is usually very dry down there for the 2 weeks before period then a few days before is when the watery feeling comes along... good luck...

Black mucus is usually dried blood. Snorting coke will definitely do it, and just about any upper (all of which dry out the mucus membranes) will do it in dry weather, depending on the condition of the user's capillary bed.

Dry lips can be a side effect of pregnancy because of horomonal changes.

Cervical mucous isn't a good way to tell if you are pregnant or not, some woman have lots of cervical mucous and others don't have as much that shows. I'm pregnant and sometimes I have a lot, sometimes not much and some days I'm dry. Also, I took a test the day my period was due and it was negative the next day it was a faint +, I skipped a day and when my period was 4 days late I got a dark + and a "pregnant" on the Clear Blue Easy didgital. So don't be discouraged if at first it is negative and because of cervical mucous.

Typically this is not a sign of pregnancy

The changing levels of hormones and oil production can cause dry skin as an early pregnancy symptom.

you get a dry cough and you let out a lot of mucus it aint pretty

The mucus present is produced by the cervix and is a way of detecting fertile times in your cycle. Cervical mucus or fluid can be non-existent or dry, sticky, creamy, watery or egg white-like in consistency. Watery and egg white-like cervical fluid alerts you to your most fertile days during your menstrual cycle. Once you detect the egg white type fluid, you are very close to ovulation. Immediately after ovulation, that egg white type fluid will dry up. Once you detect that change, you have most likely ovulated. (Ovulation cannot be confirmed by cervical fluid patterns alone. Typically a thermal shift UPWARD for three consecutive days will confirm ovulation.) Some great books that discuss natural birth control and other female issues are 1) The Billings Method and 2) Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Both of these books are fabulous. :)

Overall vaginal sensation (wet or dry) its lubrication produced when aroused.(:

I dont know about everyone else but, when I was pregnant (at what must have been 4-5 weeks) it felt like my period was going to come at any time. Kept waiting.... And at about 4 days- 1 week after I had been excpecting my period, I got a positive pregnancy test. In the weeks before, and leading up to this point, I had the same type of cervical mucus you would expect before you got your period. Also my cervix was low for a good week or two (Like my period was coming) before it finally went up and stayed there at about 5 weeks pregnant. From there on I had cervical mucus you would get while you are ovulating or turned on. Also some other symptoms I had that may not be common, but were noticed very early in my pregnancy were; * An impending feeling of getting your period soon. * An annoyingly runny nose. * Bubbly feeling in my stomach, (towards the top by your sternum) kind of like when your really hungry and just drank some really carbonated soda. * Very tired. * Irrationally moody and snappy for no obvious reason. * The general feeling of maybe being pregnant. * Very thirsty! All the time. * Having to urinate more often. * I had slightly sore nipples this time. In the first pregnancy they hurt really bad though. They also feel very heavy and big pretty early on. Slight skin changes. For example: Breaking out and dry skin early on then nice smooth perfect complexion after about the 7th week on.

#1 you dont start showing until at least 16 weeks. So people saying your stomach is looking big does not indicate your pregnant #2 dry sex, unless he ejaculated on your vagina, then there is no possibility that you could be pregnant. #3 once it has been 4 weeks since you had this dry sex, go get a pregnancy test, anyone, and take it. The answer on the pregnancy test will be correct.

Having dry or very little cm is considered infertile/hostile cervical mucus. This type of cm is usually an indicator that ovulation has already occurred and is also quite common in the days following menstruation.

Salt will kill slugs because the slugs body is covered in mucus and the salt will dry up the mucus and in a matter of time the slug will die.