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No. IUD is a contraceptive. Contraceptive decrease or/and prevent pregnancy not increase the chance of conceiving.

2006-11-26 00:27:11
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Q: Do your chances of getting pregnant increase the longer you have an IUD in?
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What are the chances of getting pregnant after being off the shot six months?

Being off the shot for that long, you are no longer protected from pregnancy.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you just came off the pill What are the chances of getting pregnant if you had intercourse 7 times during fertile phase using the withdrawal method?

Depends on your body. Some people get pregnant right away and some it takes longer.

What are your chances of getting pregnant a week before your period?

The chances of getting pregnant are always high - a week before or even after. The sperm can hang around a lot longer than you think. Don't rely on the cycle period of conception. Use a condom or refrain if you want to remain safe.

How long does it take to get pregnant after having chlamydia?

If your reproductive organs were not affected by chlamydia, then it will take no longer than normal. Chlamydia treatment will not affect the chances of getting pregnant. You can get pregnant while you have chlamydia. While scarring from chlamydia can sometimes cause infertility, you should not count on chlamydia to keep you from getting pregnant.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while taking the pill for a year?

My mom was on the pill for longer then a year and she had just use protection cause you never know

What are your chances of pregnancy after ten years of your tubal?

Though considered the most effective birth control you can still get pregnant the longer ago you had the surgery the better your chances are to get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if your boyfriend came inside you the day before you got your period?

considering you get your period because your uterine wall is shedding from not getting pregnant during ovulation (fertility period). i would say chances are that your egg is no longer "active" and you are not pregnant.

What are the chances of miscarriage if you take the pill while pregnant?

The longer you take the pill the higher the risk of damage to the baby.

Can an upside down uterus effect a gurl from pregnancy?

If you mean can it affect a girls chances of GETTING pregnant, yes. It makes it harder to get pregnant because it blocks the path of the sperm to the egg. Different positions however will "swing" the uterus so it no longer blocks the sperm.

In Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility do you have to get pregnant?

Once you get married you have to wait about a season or longer before getting pregnant.

What are the chances of a woman getting pregnant during the time of ovulation?

It depends on your age and health. If you are 35 or younger and are healthy, you have a good chance of getting pregnant if you are ovulating & having unprotected sex. You should have luck within 6 months. As you age it gets harder & sometimes takes longer. After a year of no luck, consult a doctor.

What does genetic enhancement to increase height mean?

it means getting shorter or longer.

Is it possible to have a positive pregnancy test then a negative test and then get your period and still be pregnant?

Miscarriages in early pregnancy are not at all uncommon and chances are that is what happened. After having a period, you are no longer pregnant.

What are your chances of getting pregnant if you inserted his semen into myself with a syringe?

Chances are good if you are ovulating and the sperm didn't spend too much time in the air. Once it drops below a certain temperature or dries it will no longer be viable and you won't get pregnant.AnswerIf you do it without the knowledge of the man, you are entrapping a person into fatherhood and you should be arrested. Answer">AnswerMen enter into agreements to help women by providing semen all the time.

Can you get pregnant without losing your virginity if there was slight entering but the hymen did not break and there was no semen what are the chances of pregnancy?

Technically, if the vagina was penetrated then you are no longer a virgin. Congrats. Although chances of pregnancy are lower because there was no ejaculation, there is something called pre-cum which is an initial discharge that is not always observable. In summation, you can not get pregnant if you are a virgin, but you are no longer considered a virgin if your vagina has been penetrated.

Is heavy bleeding a sign of pregnancy?

No, Heavy bleeding after a late or missed period could be a sign of a miscarriage. But chances are if you are experiencing Heavy bleeding you are not, or are no longer pregnant.

If you marinate salmon will it stay fresh longer?

yes it will the natural enzmeys in the salmon wuill take longer getting into the cells which will increase the time for it to go bad

If someone is taking the pill for 2 months what are the chances of them getting pregnant?

If it has been takebn properly, very slim. of one hundred women taking the pill correctly for a year only one of them would get pregnant. Or to put it another way, if you took the pill correctly you would get pregnant once in 100 years. Good chances of them getting pregnant. The pills take longer than that to reach full strength and even after they reach full strength they are not fully effective. I have seen several friends get pregnant while taking their pills everyday. Best bet is to take the pills and every single time wear a condom. Just a quick note on the chance of getting pregnant. The chance is 1 pregnance for every 100 sexual events. So if you have sex 100 times you will get pregnant while on the pill. Not 100 years, 100 times. If you have sex every day that would be within 4 months...guaranteed.

Is a woman getting on top of her man better for getting pregnant?

I don't think there is any position that's best for getting pregnant. There are myths about having the woman upside down to help the sperm swim faster but it's not true. For the best chances of getting pregnant, abstain from alcohol for a few days (both of you, especially the man) and have lots of foreplay. The longer the woman can tease the man, the more will be delivered at the final point :-) and that obviously gives better chances. You can always help the little swimmers by trying to ensure that the head of the penis is as deep as possible at the point of no return so look up deep penetration on the internet and you'll find that spooning is quite good for that, and also doggy style. Good luck :-)

My boyfriend went in me but not the whole way im stil a virgin but could i be pregnant?

If there was any penetration what so ever, you are no longer a virgin. And yes you could be pregnant from precum which he has no control over. The chances are very low, especially if he did not ejaculate in you.

You just stopped the pill 5 days ago what are your chances of becoming pregnant?

It depends on how long you have been on the pill as to how soon you can become pregnant. if it has been less than 6 months it could happen in about the same amount of time the pill has to be almost out of your system if it has been longer itb will take longer

Is it hard to get pregnant with pcos?

It will probably take longer to conceive if you have PCOS. Chances are your periods are irregular which means you aren't ovulating, which means you can't get pregnant. Talk to your doctor about how you can regulate your periods with diet and medication (Metformin is a common treatment). Clomid can also be used to induce ovulation. Don't lose hope though, you can get pregnant with PCOS, it just may take longer.

How far along in pregnancy does your nails and hair start to grow?

are you only getting pregnant so your nails and hair can grow longer?

Can I start having morning sickness one week after getting pregnant?

It's more typical around 3 weeks or longer.

How long to get pregnant after a tubalagation?

You can no longer becoma pregnant after a tubaligation