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There is a good chance your nipples will hurt in the beginning, middle and/or final stages of pregnancy.

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Q: Do your nipples hurt when you are in early stages of pregnancy?
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When do nipples hurt in early pregnancy?

that aint normal

Do your nipples hurt in the fist month of pregnancy?

Yes; it is common to have sore nipples during the first trimester of your pregnancy.

Your nipples are really sore and hurt a lot what does this mean?

Mastitis or pregnancy

Does your stomach really hurt in the beginning of pregnancy?

Yes your stomach can hurt during the early stages of pregnancy but it doesn't happen to all women it shouldn't be very painful. If you can't bear it perhaps you should get checked as soon as possible just incase it is a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Is nipple pain common in early pregnancy?

I had sore nipples (so bad that the shower water hurt) with each of my four pregnancies and have heard the same complaint from lots of women.

At what stage in pregnancy do your nipples hurt?

it was my boobs that hurt more than my nipples in the beginning. around four to five weeks pregnant the base of my breasts ached to the point of massaging them to make them feel better.

How early in the pregnancy will it start to hurt to lay on your stomach?

it really depents how far into the pregnancy you are....

How early in pregnancy do your teeth begin to hurt?

after 69 days

Is it safe to eat lunchmeat during early stages of pregnancy?

It probably won't hurt you if you have already done it but if you want to take extra safety precautions, it is advised not to eat lunchmeat and hotdogs (amongst many other foods) during pregnancy.

Would your nipples hurt if your pregnant?

Yes nipple sensitivity and hurting is common during a pregnancy due to the influx of hormones

Why does my nipples hurt?

Nipples may hurt due to; infection, allergy, friction and hormonal changes.

Are lower back pains normal in early pregnancy?

yes it will get to hurt after a while

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