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Q: Does Angelican Church teach that you about being saved or born again?
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Why does the Catholic church not teach Catholics about being saved?

The Catholic Church does teach Catholics about being saved. To be saved, one must be in a state of grace, free from "mortal" sin (which cuts off one's friendship with God). The Catholic Church teaches that once you have been saved, you can lose your salvation by falling into a state of mortal sin, but also that even mortal sin can be forgiven, and salvation can be restored.

What does it mean if you are saved he is married to you?

Jesus Christ is the bridegroom of the church. The true church consists of the saved.

If you are saved and then sin again do you have to be saved again?

i have this question burning in my heart endlessly

Is there salvation out side the Catholic church?

Yes, definitely. The Catholic Church teaches that wherever there is goodness then there is the potential of being saved, regardless of religion.

What is the difference between the baptist church and the church of christ?

The major difference is the view of baptism. A baptist church holds that once a person is saved or "born again" then they are to receive the ordinance of baptism. The Church of Christ believes that one is saved by the ordinance of baptism when it is accompanied with faith. For the Church of Christ baptism is regenerational. For the Baptist Church baptism is symbolic. Both reject infant baptism.

How does Edwards think that people can be saved from god's wrath?

By being "being born again, and made new creatures, and raised from being dead in sin, to a state of new."

What did Henry VIII do to save England and why?

Henry viii saved England by stopping The Church of England and Roman Catholic church being separate.By Nuzzat CHOWDHURY IN year 5

What is the Baptist Church Covenant?

Any church covenant is simply the stated beliefs and teachings of that particular church. A Baptist church covenant is going to have the Baptist tennantes on it wich include: Baptism of saved, born again beleivers, the Lord's Supper, church planting and preaching of the gospel message.Every Baptist church has a covenant based on the constitution and teachings of that particular church. There is no one Baptist church covenant but they are all going to have the Baptist teachings from the Bible that include: Baptism of saved, born again beleivers, the Lord's Supper, church planting, living a Christian life, witnessing, requirements for Sunday School teachers and church leaders as well as preaching of the gospel message.

How is Ponyboy a hero?

He saved the Children from the Church that was on fire.

Can you be saved and not be a member of church?

yes you can but it does help if you go to church. but only if you are willing to accept i him as your savior

Who saved the kids in the outsiders when the church was on fire?

Johnny And Ponyboy

In what ways was dally gallant?

He saved johnny from the burning church

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