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she does not. it appears she doesn't have a spouse, either.

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Does Mae Jemison have siblings and if so who?

Mae Jemison was the youngest of three children.

Where was Mae jemison born?

Mae Jemison was born in Decatur, Alabama on October 17, 1956. She was the youngest of three children.

Who are Charlie Jemison and Dorus Jemison's children?

they are the parents of Mae Jemison you can learn about her at www.maejemison.org :)

Did Mae Jemison have sibilings?

she was the youngest of 3 children

What is Mae jemison full name?

Her full name is Mae Carol Jemison. :)

Who is the main character of the voyage of Mae Jemison?

Mae Jemison is the main character of The Voyage Of Mae Jemison .

Is Mae Jemison married?

Mae Jemison is not married.

Was Mae jemison a teacher?

Mae Jemison was an astronaut.

What are interesting facts about Mae c jemison?

Mae Jemison is the first black woman to go into space.She also had not 1!Not 2! But 3 children!

Who was Mae C Jemison?

Mae Jemison was an astrounat for NASA

Who is Mae C Jemison married to?

Mae Jemison is unmarried

Is Mae jemison the oldest?

In her family Mae Jemison is the youngest.

Did Mae Jemison marry?

No, Mae Jemison has never married.

Who was Mae jemison married to?

she is not marred in thats not how to spell not u said mot

How many brothers does Mae Jemison have?

Mae Jemison had one brother named Charlie Jemison.

Did Mae c jemison have siblings?

Yes, she is the youngest of three children.

How old is Mae C Jemison?

Mae Jemison is 54 as of 2010.

Why did Mae Jemison explore?

Mae Jemison explored because she farted

Did Mae Jemison do anything else?

Mae Jemison was a scientist too.

Does Mae Carol Jemison have children?

Yea she has 3 kidsNo ChildrenNo, she didn't what to get married, so she did not have children.

What is Mae jemison mother father name?

her father is charlie jemison and mother is Dorothy Jemision

When was Mae Jemison born?

Mae Jemison was born on October 17, 1956.

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