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Does 4oz equal a half cup?


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yes 4 oz is half a cup as 8 oz is one cup.


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Half of a cup equals 4oz of meat

4oz = half a cup; 1/2; 0.5

There are 24 teaspoons in half a cup. 1/2 cup=4oz. 1oz=30mL. So, 4oz=120mL. 1tsp=5mL. 120mL (4oz) divided by 5mL (1 tsp) = 24 teaspoons.

half cup of caster sugar will be present in 4oz caster sugar.

every 4oz. is a half cup so its 5/8ths of a cup

There is 8oz in one cup so 4oz would only be half a cup.

4oz equals about 1/2 cup.

A half a cup of water is equal to 118.3 milliliters. Also, a half a cup is equal to 0.26 pounds.

half a cup is 250mL as 500mL is a full cup :D

4 oz is half a cup. A cup is 16 tablespoons, so 4 oz is 8 tablespoons. i.e. 1 tablespoon is half an ounce.

4oz is equal to a quarter pound.

8 ounces of potato is half a cup.

A half cup is four fluid ounces.

Almost. There are 24 teaspoons in half a cup.

4 oz is half of a cup. A cup is 8 oz.That is so wrong because 4 oz=32c.^is that kid insane? 32c = 256oz =.=''the first answer was right.4oz is about half a cup since 8oz is a cup

1cc = 1ml and there is 30ml/ounce. 120cc (or ml) = 4oz or 1/2 cup liquid

A cup is 8 oz., so half a cup is 4 oz.

1/4 of a pint equals half a cup.

4oz = 1/2 c for other conversions see:

1 cup of dry macaroni elbows is equal to 4oz. So 3 cups of dry macaroni is equal to 12oz.

One half cup of butter (or 1 stick).

A cup equals 250 ml, so half a cup is 125 ml

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