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Amazon currently only accepts Credit/Debit Card payments or payment via PayPal.

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We do not accept cash or we do not except cash.?


Can you pay with cash on amazon?


Does Amazon accept echeck?

No they dont accept. You can pay with your credit card.

Does Amazon currently accept Visa cards?

"Yes Amazon does accept Visa cards. I buy from Amazon all the time using my Visa card. They also accept American Express, Discover and MasterCard. Happy shopping!"

Does Amazon accept greendot?


Do Subways pay cash in hand?

Subway restaurants accept cash as payment for purchases. They do not pay their employees in cash.

Which doctors in Oklahoma accept cash payments?

There are several private doctors in Oklahoma that accept cash payments for their work. One should ask practices such as Dr. James Cash in the Tulsa area, for example.

Does Amazon accept viza electron?

Yes they do.

What is an example sentence with cash?

I do not carry cash on me.The crook couldn't wait to cash in his recent takings.Do you accept cash?

Does cash and carry accept ebt cards?

It is all dependent on the store itself for example Makro & JTF Warehouse both accept Debit cards, though they prefer cash

Does amazon always accept credit cards?


Does amazon com accept PayPal as a way of paying?

No they do not.

How do you use pay safe cards for payment on Amazon?

amazon doesnt accept paysafecard payment...

Were can you get a GameCube?

eBay Amazon and so on. or cash converters

Does cash and carry accept food stamps?

No, they do not. I checked their website.

Does cash n carry accept ebt?

Most of them no but some do

What websites accept cash on delivery? but only in india

Do visa member banks accept cash deposits?


Is eBay cash on delivery?

Yes they accept that. But only in america.

Does amazon accept money from bank account even if it was from an arabic bank?

Yes, Amazon will accept money from a bank account even if it is an Arabic bank as long as the funds are available.

How can you get 22 percent Cash Back at Amazon?

for cashback at Amazon, install the chrome extension for rewards, from

Should you use debit or cash?

Which ever is at hand quicker. Also some places won't accept debit cards, only cash, and other places only accept debit cards.

Does dealextreme accept cash?

no,they can't accept cash they can accept payment by Paypal ,if you have credit card or debate card or other card,you can register in Paypal and fulfill the Payment if you have a credit card,you can also pay directly by credit card,check out by method three

The firm should accept independent projects if?

"The independent projects implies that the cash flows of the two investments are not linked to each other". If the cash flows of to investments are not linked then the firm should accept the project.

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