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Well, as he justifies it to himself, he was entitled to a one fourteenth share of the treasure and which fourteenth was not specified. Though he was pretty sure that the Arkenstone would not be a part that he would get.

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Why did Bilbo keep the Arkenstone?

Bilbo himself wasn't sure at first why he kept the Arkenstone. Later he used it to eventually make peace with Bard and the other men.

Why does Bilbo give up the arkenstone what does that gesture reveal about his character?

Bilbo never intended to keep the Arkenstone. He only took it because he saw the feverish greed that overtook the Dwarves when the saw their long lost treasure. Knowing how badly Thorin coveted the Arkenstone, Bilbo kept it and later used it to bargain for his share of the treasure (which he intended to share with Bard and Thranduil). What it revealed was that deep at heart, Bilbo was a good person and only wanted to do what was right. It was why Gandalf was drawn to him in the first place.

Why did Bilbo slip the Arkenstone into his pocket?

He wasn't sure, the pale glow mesmerized him until he picked it up.Because he can pick and choose which parts of the 1/14 of the treasure he can keep. Therefor, he chooses the arkenstone.

What does Bilbo keep to himself?

There are several things that he keeps to himself. He keeps the ring to himself for a while. And when he found the Arkenstone, he didn't tell the dwarves.

How does Bilbo distract the dragon in The Hobbit?

Bilbo told Smaug a riddle to keep him distracted.

Why must Bilbo continue to burgle the same place day after day?

The dwarves were captured and imprisoned by the elves in Mirkwood. Bilbo had to keep entering to form a plan and carry it out.

Why did Bilbo and the dwarves stray from the path?

Bilbo and the dwarves stray from the path because they see a light in the distance. They stray even though they are told many times to keep to the path.

Why does Bilbo think the dwarves might not keep their bargain with him?

Bilbo is talking to Smaug when the doubts appear. It says in the book that it's because dragons are very persuasive, and he wasn't prepared for it.

What did the dwarves want to do when there was no sign Bilbo?

They want to keep on going, as they believe he is either dead or has left them.

Why does Bilbo keep the ring a secret?

It is part of the ring's nature that the current possessor will always want to keep the ring to themselves, and not wish to share any of its knowledge or power.

What are some flashbacks in The Hobbit?

Usually flashbacks were used as a means to keep Bilbo from seeming more homely and incapable than he really was. Early in the Hobbit, it would often be said that Bilbo was dreaming of home, and that it wouldn't be the last time he did so. Later in the book, as it becomes obvious that Bilbo is a capable adventurer, those references lessen.

What is the duration of Keep Your Right Up?

The duration of Keep Your Right Up is 1.37 hours.

What is the shape of a keep right sign and how should the driver react when sees one?

They are usually rectangular. The preferred reaction to a "Keep Right" sign is to stay to the right. Right? Right!

What plan did Bilbo devise?

He devised several plans. If you're talking about the troll scene from the movie, An Unexpected Journey, he came up with reasons why the trolls shouldn't eat the dwarves, such as them having parasites. The intention was to keep them occupied until the sun shone on them and turned them to stone. If you're talking about the part with the elves of Mirkwood in the second movie, The Desolation of Smaug, and in the book, he stole the keys and led all the dwarves to an area with some empty barrels, and pushed a lever to release them into the river below. If you're talking about the part with the Arkenstone in the third movie, The Battle of Five Armies, and in the book, he decides to take the Arkenstone to Thranduil (the elven king of Mirkwood) and Bard as his share of the treasure, and gives it to them so that they can trade it to Thorin in exchange for a share in the treasure of the Lonely Mountain, therefore avoiding war.

What is the best way to keep fit?

the best way to keep fit is to eat right and excirse! the best way to keep fit is to eat right and excirse! there is no best way to keep fit just do what feels right.

How did Bilbo keep from getting captured by the wood elves?

Bilbo kept from being captured by the Wood Elves in Mirkwood by using The Ring to turn himself invisible. He slipped in after the company of Elves that had captured the other members of The Company (namely, the twelve dwarves) as the Elves were escorting the dwarves into the Elven fortress.

What amendment is when people have the right to keep and bear arms?

The Second Amendment is when people have the right to keep and bear arms.

Why does Bilbo not tell the dwarves about his ring?

In The Hobbit, it is presented as simply a matter of Bilbo's pride. The dwarves are are finally beginning to be impressed with Bilbo as burglar and he does not want to admit that a large part of his success is due to an magical artifact and has nothing to do with his talents. In the Lord of the Rings, the reasoning appears to be more sinister. He wants to keep the ring a secret so that his possession of it will not be threatened, so that he can keep his hold on the Ring. There is an implication that this is due to corrupting force of the One Ring immediately seizing upon Bilbo, making him develop a fixation and obsession with the ring, and inspires him to lie to make sure he can retain the ring.

Why didn't Bilbo tell the dwarves about his Ring?

He was so pleased by their praise at the way that he so cleverly snuck into the camp without being seen, that he decided to keep the Ring out of it for a while.

What happens in 'The Hobbit' when Bilbo meets the trolls?

the trolls capture all the dwarves but not Bilbo b/c he his smaller so he hides then the trolls argue about what to do w/ the dwarves and how to eat them then gandalf (who had left them a while ago) comes back and imitates the troll to keep them arguing until morning and they get turned to stone

What is amendment 2 about in the constitution?

A right to keep bare arms----------------------------------Had to keep to first answer in for comedy effect. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with the right to keep your arms bare but the right to keep and bear (carry) arms (weapons).The Second Amendment reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Which sign tells you to keep in the right lane when driving slow on the road?

This is a statutory regulation which means the traffic sign is white. It typically reads:KEEP------>RIGHTOr it may use the divided symbol with a line pointing to the right. Which means divided highway, keep right.

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