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Q: Does Brazil use Christmas stockings
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What does New Zealand use as stockings?

They use regular Christmas Stockings. The same as Americans.

Does Israel use stockings or a Christmas tree on Christmas?


Do Russians use stockings?

do they use stocking in Russia for Christmas

What Christmas decoratons do they use in Brazil?

what kind of decorations use in brazil

What can I do to make sure I use my old Christmas stockings?

Depending on the state of the stockings. I think stockings give the house a great Christmas touch, so I wouldn't think old worn stockings would be appreciated in these festivities.

What did the french use before stockings?

French people don't use stockings, or didn't use stockings. They put shoes by the fireplace or tree and le pere noel (father christmas, santa) puts candy in the shoes.

Where can one purchase monogrammed Christmas stockings?

You can purchase monogrammed Christmas stockings at department stores, specialty gift shops, online retailers like Etsy or Amazon, and through personalized gift websites. You can also check local craft fairs or holiday markets for handmade options.

Where can a person shop for embroidered Christmas stockings?

Embroidered Christmas stockings can be bought in the webshop of the company GiftsForYouNow. They sell personalized embroidered Christmas stockings and they have about 37 different Christmas stockings in their inventory.

What are Brazil's Christmas symbols?

Every Christmas in Brazil we have fireworks.

What store on ourWorld sells Christmas stockings?

You can get the Christmas stockings in any store. Buy it before the expired date though! If you don't have gems, you can always buy/trade for the Christmas stockings on the Marketplace.

What you might see on Christmas in Brazil?

what might you see in Brazil on Christmas

Why do people hang stockings for Christmas?

People hang stockings so they can be filled with small treats on Christmas eve.