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Does Christy Hemme have the slightest chance of winning the womens title at Wrestlemania 21?


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with the help of lita is it possible

Answerchristy is a very good athlete but to beat trish you need skill. she is the 6 time womens champion. the only sort of matches that christy has been in is lingerie pillow fights, annd etc. but you never know! Answerno not at all, she is a dtisy red head and trish stratus is very talented. christy hemme hasn't even wrestled before. Answerwell she is hot and all, but i think she could. she will need to doge those chick kick and trish will have to get out of those twist of fates. AnswerI don't think so it will probaly be Melina or victora that challanges trish

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