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Ok. This was a rumor that went around and peaked earlier this year. The overwhelming response to this is that it is a load of BS. You can be sure of the fact that if Ciara really is a transexual, we'll never know of it. So I'd just put these rumors away in some compartment in the back of your brain, and never think about them again.

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Q: Does Ciara have a man in her life?
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Was the singer ciara born a man are woman?

Ciara is not a man. She was born 100% female. It was a rumor.

Was Ciara born a man?

yes ciara was born a manPeople Say she was But i don't think So......

Is ciara a man and did she confess it?

No Ciara is not and was not a man, ever. There were rumors that she allegedly went on Oprah, and said she was a man, not true. She also announced that she would reward anyone with proof of her being male.

WHO is ciara mom?

man is it Hannah

Who is Ciara's mom?

man is it Hannah

Do ciara and 50 cent go out before?

yea they did but come on ciara she pretty and all but peoples sayin she a man

Do you now if Jay-Z likes ciara?

jay-z does not like ciara why would he like her if she use to be a man and

What is ciara deepest secret?

she is a man apparently

What happen before bow wow and ciara broke up?

nothingggg i m gald ciara leave bow wow thank god cuz he is cheater on her a of year that not good life and stuipd cheater player her breakheart sad feel hurt heart i hope ciara will became herself work her own life good future good change life her own business i hopefully she will look for new date good person and bow wow is toooo young little boy not grow up man that life out of world foreverrrrrr

Is ciara the singer a man?

No. Not now, not then, never has been.

Was Ciara pregnant by bow wow?

I hope that it isn't true about Ciara is not but we never know what they did in there privite time and if she was that's her problem and her life.

Is ciara a man a women?

woman dont belive rummors

The song And you what does it mean to Ciara?

This song means to Ciara that she can't believe that her man is acting that way towards her. She was just trying to prove a point to him obviously!

Does Ciara want Bow Wow back in her life?


Do ciara like the rapper plies?

do ciara like plies if she do she needs to stop because that`s my man and not yours stop go sit DOWN NOW

Why did bowwow ciara breakup?

probably because he thought ciara was a man that what been going on but i do not think it is true i think they just needed a break off each other

Is Ciara really was born half a man because she looks to pretty to be born half man is this true?

No way!

Is ciara bravo and kendall schmidt related in real life?

Their not related but ciara thinks of all the boys in big time rush to be just like her older brothers

Is Curtis Jackson and Ciara together?

i don't really know but it don't look like they ain't nothing going on...for example in ciara's latest music video them two were pretty close...but you know what ciara is my girl and im down and there for her with watever she decides to do with her life.

Are bow wow and ciara still dating?

No, Bow Wow no longer dates Ciara.His main reason for dating Ciara was because she was the type of girl which every man wanted to he stepped 4ward and dated her maybe for pa mares

Ciara is man?

i do not readly known but i can belive nothing what nobody says about her.Because it something will be star it about it i ask her.

Did ciara go on Oprah show and say she was a man?

noo that is just a old romer

Is it true about Ciara being a man?

no im not sure who started that but shes o women

Who is Logan from Big Time Rush dating in real life?

Ciara Hanna

Is Ciara lesbian or really a man?

According to the website, there had been claims that hip-hop/R&B star Ciara was born a man and is either a transvestite or underwent a sex-change operation to become a transsexual. Not true. She did, however, state that she was gay on BET