Does Clint Eastwood have a brother Wade Eastwood?

Is it just me or what? Has anyone seen the Actor from "Relic Hunter" Wade Eastwood? Now everyone knows "Clint Eastwood" the Actor, Right? Please tell me how someone can look identical to someone else and yet have the same last name, but there DNA is no where close to the same, or is it? If you put a picture of "Wade Eastwood" beside a picture of "Clint Eastwood" you might say they almost look like Twins, right? Then please help me to solve this very unusual freak of natures best mystery of all time, when two people that are around the same age, same appearance, same height, same hair and balding, close to the same voice, same shoe size, both went to acting school and they truly look like "Twins", yet there is a bit of a difference, which is, they were both born (or so they say) in different Countries. Did Daddy go out and play?, I bet Mommy doesn't know!!!

Know matter which way you look at this story, there is something very weird about it! Two people that are both in the:(1) Acting Field (2)look so close in appearance (3) pass as Twins (4) is that weird or what world.

Hey J. Leno, have a blast with this and get them both on your show before Mr. Jimmy Fallon gets a hold of them... Good luck you two! I'm sure the war is on now...