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Indiana has no formal reciprocity but provisionally admits lawyers who have practiced law for five years of the seven years immediately preceding their applications for admission without taking and passing the Indiana bar examination.

In Colorado, other states have to reciprocate for Colorado lawyers. In other words, If Illinois has reciprocity with Colorado (and it does) then Colorado will reciprocally admit Illinois lawyers

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Q: Does Colorado bar have reciprocity with Indiana?
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If admitted to practice Law in Indiana is there reciprocity with Massachusetts?

Does Colorado have bar reciprocity with Texas?

Colorado recently adopted the UBE for its bar examination, so it shares reprocicity with other UBE states. Texas, however uses the MBE, so it does not share full reciprocity with Colorado.

Does Indiana bar have reciprocity with Ohio?

Generally, no. Ohio bar exam reciprocity is very limited, and Indiana's reciprocity is based on the attorney having 5 to 7 years' experience and intending to practice law predominately in Indiana. An Ohio-licensed attorney may apply for a provisional one-year admission to the Indiana Bar if he fulfills these requirements; after five consecutive provisional admissions, the Ohio-licensed attorney is eligible for full admission to the Indiana Bar.

What states' bar associations have reciprocity with the Colorado state bar?

Most comprehensive reciprocity site: Check out this link

Does the Virginia bar have reciprocity with Georgia?

The Virginia bar has reciprocity with all states and the District of Columbia. That means that you do not have to retake the bar exam to practice law in Virginia.

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STATES THAT HAVE A RECIPROCITY AGREEMENT WITH ALABAMAAS OF 8/1/2009ConnecticutDistrict of ColumbiaGeorgiaIndianaIllinoisKansasMassachusettsMissouriMississippiNew HampshireOklahomaPennsylvaniaTennesseeTexasVirginiaWashingtonWest Virginia

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The Wyoming Bar's website states: "Wyoming does not have a formal reciprocity agreement with any state, so each application is considered individually."