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Yes and is currently pregnant with him

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When was Dakota Blue Richards born?

Dakota Blue Richards was born on April 11, 1994.

How old is Dakota Blue Richards?

Dakota Blue Richards is 23 years old (birthdate: April 11, 1994).

What is Dakota Blue Richards's birthday?

Dakota Blue Richards was born on April 11, 1994.

How tall is Dakota blue Richards?

She is about 5ft 3

Who plays Lyra in the golden compas?

Dakota Blue Richards

Dakota Blue Richards?

two 2 only know actess, lives brigton

How much does Dakota Blue Richards weigh and how big is she?

50 kilos 5.9 ft

What is Dakota Blue Richards email?

Giving out information of celebrities or any person for that matter is prohibited.

Who plays Lyra in the Golden Compass?

Dakota Blue Richards plays Lyra in the Golden Compass.

Contact Dakota blue Richards?

her fan email - her other emails -,, Her fan mail address: Dakota Blue Richards Scholastic Media 557 Broadway New York, NY 10012 USA Dakota Blue Richards The Golden Compass c/o Scholastic Media 578 Broadway 11th Floor NYC, N.Y. 10012

Which famous people were born in 1994?

idk tht many buh Dakota fanning and Dakota blue Richards(the girl from the golden compass) are

Characters in the secret of moonacre?

Ioan Gruffudd, Dakota Blue Richards, Tim Curry,Natascha McElhone

Does Dakota blue Richards have a email address? OR i know Dakota and she's one of my best mates, so i know these are her emails. Grace xx

Is Dakota Blue Richards a lesbian?

Yes she knew she was gay wen she imagined kissing nicole kidman in the film. The golden compass

What is lovely to the last?

A movie coming out sometime in the future with Dakota Blue Richards (The girl who played Lyra in The Golden Compass movie) playing a role that is to be annouced.

Dakota Blue Richards email?

This is her fan email address - Her other emails - Cecelia.

Is Alice in the movie Alice and Wonderland the same girl in the Golden Compass?

No, the girl in The Golden Compass is Dakota Blue Richards and the girl in Alice in Wonderland is Mia Wasikowska.

What actors and actresses appeared in Five Miles Out - 2009?

The cast of Five Miles Out - 2009 includes: Dakota Blue Richards as Cass Thomas Malone as Boy

Who is Kim Richards new boyfriend?

As of November 2011, Kim Richards is currently dating Ken Blumenfeld.

Do Dakota Blue Richards have MySpace?

steven Nixon a famous acter loves Dakota and her acting i live in swindon ,thames down drive, 110 white eagle road who is Steve Nixon No. A lot of people say so, but it is not true!

What movie and television projects has Dakota Blue Richards been in?

Dakota Blue Richards has: Played herself in "Entertainment Tonight" in 1981. Played herself in "HBO First Look" in 1992. Played herself in "Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in 2003. Played Franky Fitzgerald in "Skins" in 2007. Played Lyra Belacqua in "The Golden Compass" in 2007. Played Maria Merryweather in "The Secret of Moonacre" in 2008. Played herself in "Looking for Lyra: Casting Dakota Blue Richards" in 2008. Played April in "Dustbin Baby" in 2008. Played Cass in "Five Miles Out" in 2009. Played Eve in "Lightfields" in 2013. Played Eloise Ashton in "The Fold" in 2013. Played Sarah in "The Quiet Hour" in 2014.

Who plays Lyra from the Golden Compass?

Dakota Blues Richards plays Lyra.

Who is Dakota Fanning's boyfriend?

Eli roth

Does maxine Richards Trinidad have a boyfriend?

Yes......... Neil Wells of Grenada.

Does Dakota Fanning have boyfriend?

Nope not yet :) but she sure will.

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