Cole and Dylan Sprouse

Does Dylan Sprouse ever kissed a girl?

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Has Dylan Sprouse ever kissed a girl before?

yes he has he has kissed a lot of girls

Does Cole Sprouse ever kissed a girl?

yeah, he kissed one when he was 8

Has Cole Sprouse ever kissed a fan?

Yes!!!!!!!! he kissed a girl named kassy

Did Jake T Austin ever hang out with Dylon and Cole Sprouse?

he got in a fight with Dylan and Dylan punched his girl friend

Did Cole Sprouse kissed a girl?

yes he kissed lots of girls

Dylan Sprouse dating?

Dylan Sprouse is actually dating a girl named Katie from Los Angeles CA

What does Dylan Sprouse like in a girl?

Dylan Sprouse just wants a girl to like him for him and not because he is on a T.V.show. He also likes down to earth girls and girls who are laid-back. We are NAWT talking about Dylan Sprouse, we are talking about Dylan Marvil from the CLIQUE series!!

About Dylan Sprouse?

i am his girl friend so i can tell you that he is the sweetest nicest cutiest person you will ever met in your life!

What qualities would Dylan and Cole Sprouse look for in a girl?

I was on youtube and Dylan Sprouse said Cole likes girl with braces. I'm not totally sure though.

Did Moises Aries ever kissed a girl?

Yes but off screen he prefers boys. It is rumored that he and Cole Sprouse are chums.

Did Cole Sprouse kiss a girl?

yes he kissed the girl ( Debby Ryan ) or anther girl

Who is the girlfriend of Dylan sprouse?

He is dating a girl in Bismarck nd

Does cole kiss any girl?

Cole and Dylan both kissed a girl.

Are Dylan and Cole Sprouse going out with the same girl?

ok now Dylan sprouse go out with Stella hugdens vanessa hudgens sistercole sprouse dosent have a girlfriend he likes Selena Gomez.

Why does Dylan Sprouse have a girlfriend?

Yes he is dating a girl in Bismarck Nd

Has Dylan kisssed a girl on TV?

Yes, they have kissed in T.V

Does skandar ever kissed a girl?

shandar has never kissed a girl

What colour hair are sprouse twins into for a girl?

i know that Dylan sprouse likes brunettes but im not sure about cole

Would Dylan Sprouse ever date a girl that was hott and was 10 years old?

Well I wouldn't think so because he is 17 and the girl is only 10

Has Patrick breeding ever kissed a girl?


What is Dylan Sprouse favorite girl name?

Dylan's favorite girl name is Kara,Patricia and Miley

What size shoe does Dylan Sprouse wear?

i think Dylan and coles shoe size is either a 8 or 9!!! and omg cole sprouse is apparently going out with a girl called Georgia-Raye!!!

Did Dylan kissed any girl?

yeah!!his first kiss was Selena Gomez

Would cole and Dylan sprouse like a girl when they just met them?

no not even do it whit her and Dylan didnt do sex with Selena Gomez

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