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Yes, Dylan and Cole Sprouse have facial hair.

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Why have Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse dyed their hair brown?

Dylan Sprouse dyed it for the film Kings of Appletown (2009).

Who's hair is longer Dylan Sprouse or Cole Sprouse?

Cole's hair has grown out a lot since they stopped filming Suite Life on Deck. Dylan has shorter hair than Cole.

What colour hair are sprouse twins into for a girl?

i know that Dylan sprouse likes brunettes but im not sure about cole

Why doesn't Cole Sprouse dye his hair brown like Dylan?

Cause cole sprouse looks like hwoarang with a vest and with motorcycle goggles

Why did Dylan and Cole Sprouse die their hair brown?

their hair is brown and they now sometimes die it blond

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have leg hair?

yes they do have leg hair there 18 teen years old

Why has Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse died their hair brown for?

They didn't dye their hair brown, their hair just grew darker. If you were a blonde, you should know that. If you had a blonde headed friend, ask them and you'll know. You should still see those cute blonde hair on their hair. Ahhh... Dylan and Cole Sprouse. :) well there is your answer. They did NOT dye their hair brown

How can you tell Dylan and Cole Sprouse apart?

cole is taller than Dylan and his hair is a shade lighter. Dylan is shorter and also fatter. not really fat but you know what i mean.

Do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have pubic hair?

yes they do. For the immature person who wrote this, they are now 17.

Do somebody has seen Melanie Sprouse like who she looks?

she's very tall, straight black hair and is the mother of Dylan and cole sprouse

Who is a little boy actor with blonde hair?

Well I don't think they are little anymore but Dylan and Cole Sprouse.

Dylan Sprouse hair?

dylan sprouse hair is blind brown and when he take a shower he whip hes hair to the side to make it lie perfect

What do Dylan and Cole Sprouse look like today?

Honestly, they look the same. Shaggy hair, and everything. They just grew alittle.

What hairstyle do Dylan and Cole Sprouse have?

Cole has long blonde hair and Dylan currently has brown hair because he died it for a movie he is currently doing. and also they r twins so they are both very cute!! i love them <3 yeh but what is the name of the particular hairstyle?

Did Cole Sprouse wear a wig?

no his hair is real

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