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The working principle of Electronic Muscle Stimulation is using a small amount of electricity administered through the skin and into the muscle causes muscles to contract. This is the same process that your body goes through when you are working out- each time your muscles contract, they grow a little bit stronger.

But this is only a part of the whole process, to build a muscle, you need to have a balanced diet as well.

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Q: Does Electronic Muscle Stimulation work
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Has anyone tried the contour ab belt and does it work?

The contour belt uses electronic muscle stimulation(EMS). Having worked in athletics for a number of years, this is a similar treatment to what is know as Stem, we use this treatment on all our collegiate athletes. It does work.

Is Cardiac muscle stimulation neural?

No, but skeletal muscle is.

Should you shave before using electronic muscle stimulation?

Yes..... Just because the electrodes are very sticky and you want to keep them as clean as possible.

What conclusions can you draw about the relationship between a muscle's workload and its threshold of stimulation?

As the muscle workload increase, its threshold of stimulation increases.

How does the frequency of stimulation affect the amount of force generated by the muscle?

An increase in frequency of stimulation increases the force generated by the muscle.

After nervous stimulation of the muscle cell has ceased the calcium in the muscle?


What muscle can contract without the need for the nervous stimulation?

Smooth & cardiac muscle.

Why does the force of a muscle decrease over time during uninterrupted stimulation?

The stimulation frequency was decreased.

Skeletal muscles need nerve stimulation for contraction to occur?

yes skeletal muscle needs nerve stimulation in order to contract. Only cardiac and smooth muscle can still contract without a nerve stimulation.

What is the substance that halts stimulation of muscle tissue?


How did the frequency of stimulation affect the amount of force generated by the isolated skeletal muscle when the frequency of stimulation was increased such that the muscle twitches did not fully re?

Decreased force production

What types of muscle tissue can depolarize spontaneously in the absence of any external stimulation?

cardiac muscle and smooth muscle?

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