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Does Eminem hate all women?



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No. It may seem like it because many women in his life have been mean to him like kim, his mom, and mariah. But, there is no doubt he loves his three daughters. Its mainly just his songs that he acts like he hates him but in real life, he is very nice to everyone he doesn't hate

NO, it may seem like he does. He has issues like any one else. He has gone through a lot of abuse in his life. There are women with the same Men issues, they will still date, marry, and get over them; basically. Life goes on. He does date and socialize.

(from what I've heard) he's a very nice guy to women. He just had those rough patches with some of the most important women in his life, and his way of dealing with things was voicing his opinion on a track.

I very much doubt he hates women. He expresses his opinion on tracks and he was rpobably going through a rough time with a women when he wrote it. And it's common for rappers to just say women are sluts and all, it doesn't mean anything, it's just lyrics.