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Yes, France does celebrate Christmas.

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Q: Does France Celebrate Christmas
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Related questions

How does France celebrate chistmas?

what does france celebrate for christmas

Which regions of France celebrate Christmas?

All of France celebrates Christmas.

When is Christmas celebrated in France and how long?

In France they celebrate Christmas on 24th December.

What are the 2 interesting customs or traditions that the people in France do to celebrate christmas?

People in France celebrate CHRISTMAS on December 6th

Do the people in France celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?

French Christians celebrate Christmas. French Jews celebrate Hanukkah.

Why does the French celebrate Christmas?

Well France has an amount of Christians in its borders, so it sounds to reason France would celebrate Christmas..

Do Catholics celebrate Christmas in France?


On what day is Christmas celebrated in France?

Christmas in France is the same day that we celebrate Christmas in America which is on December 25.

Does France celebrate Christmas in December?

Christmas trees can be found in France,though they are not as popular as they are in Germany ,great

Does France celebrate Christmas in summer?

No it does not. As France is in the northern hemisphere, the 25th of December is winter in France.

How do people in France celebrate Christmas?

they have a big meal with family

How do people celebrate Christmas in Paris France?

I am pretty sure they do!

What are the foods that they use to celebrate Christmas in France?

Reindeer i think

Why does french Polynesia celebrate Christmas?

Frace has an amount of Christians in its borders,so it sounds to reason France would celebrate Christmas

What do people do in France when they celebrate Christmas?

First their children find their gifts hanging on the Christmastree,then when they celebrate have a nice big Christmas dinner with their family!!!:):):)

How does France celebrate Christmas?

France celebrates Christmas by open there presents on Christmas eve, which is quite unusual, because traditionally we would open the presents on Christmas day, which is the 25th of December.

What do peoplein France celebrate during Christmas?

the same thing than everybody celebrating chrismas... Christmas !

When does France celebrate Christmas?

In most parts, France celebrates Christmas on December 25. However, in some areas the Christmas celebrations start as early as December 6.

What date does France celebrate Christmas?

they start giving gifts on the 25th of December.

Why do people celebrate Christmas in France?

Because the majority of French people are Christian.

Do the Greece celebrate Christmas?

no they celebrate the Christmas

What happens on the second day of Christmas in France?

They celebrate the day when they don't need to work

How do Spain celebrate Christmas?

they celebrate Christmas with light's

Can you celebrate Christmas?

Yes you can celebrate Christmas.

Do Pentecostal's celebrate Christmas?

Pentecostals do celebrate Christmas.